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Friday, 10 August 2012

How to make a Crochet Bobble

Thought I'd make a little tutorial about how to make a crochet bobble as it's so easy even for a beginner like me once you know how! All my crochet terms are UK ones (and wasn't that something that really confused me starting off, different terms from different countries!).

With the blanket I'm making at the moment, I'm doing 3 double crochets on my first line before starting (and in between) the bobbles. The bobbles are made on the back of your work, not the side facing you.

Then wrap the yarn over the hook before putting the hook through the next stitch as though about to crochet a half treble.

Go through the stitch, wrap around the hook again and pull back through the stitch so there are 3 loops on your hook

Wrap the yarn around again and pull through the first 2 loops so you only have 2 loops left, this is the end of the first part.

Now you just repeat the process. Yarn around the hook, through the same stitch as last time, yarn around again and slip through the top 2 stitches.

Do 4 of these through the same stitch. This will give you 5 loops on your hook.

Now wind the yarn around again, but this time pull the hook through all 5 loops on the hook.

This makes your bobble.

It looks quite flat until you do your next small double crochet stitch, this pulls it tighter causing the bobble to appear on the other side!

I hope that makes sense especially to anyone who's a novice like myself! I found it quite tricky taking photos while trying to crochet... will enlist help if I do it again! Imogen thought I was taking pictures of my hook and wondered what on earth her mother was up too!!

Take care


  1. thank you...lovely idea x
    have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  2. Ooh thank you so much for sharing that Cheryl, will definitely be giving it a go now!
    Victoria xx

  3. Nice explanation. My bobbles always look wonky. Yours are quite nice.

  4. Love the bobbles! Good tutorial. You don't look like a novice crocheter to me, your granny stripes blanket is gorgeous.

  5. Thank you for showing us this. I'll have a better look when I get back to Melbourne.
    Anne xx

  6. Now I know who to come to when I have crochet troubles!!

  7. Thank you for this. I've never tried bobbles (little bit scared) but when I do will definitely come here for a go. Lots of love xxx

  8. This is lovely Cheryl, thanks for sharing, will definitely try ths. I'm a novice, even though I learnt to crochet over 40 years ago, can only do squares! xx

  9. I'm actually working on the Blackberry Salad blanket and it was my first time doing bobbles. But I found they weren't hard as long as you followed the pattern. Great tutorial.


  10. Hello Cheryl
    It all makes perfect sense Cheryl and very well mapped out. The photos make it that much easier to understand. Thanks for sharing.

    Amanda :-)

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    I am going to try this - I am very much a novice, but definitely an eager novice.


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