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Thursday, 2 August 2012

DIY progress and new fabby fabric!

Things are progressing slowly but surely on the DIY front. Andy has painted the wall he put up on the living room side, so all we need for the living room now is a new carpet.

Virtually all of the dining room carpet has been taken up and Andy has stripped quite a bit of the wallpaper off the walls. We've narrowed the choice of new wallpaper down to two, but I'm struggling with the last two. It's only going on two walls and I think I'm favouring the green flowers... hmmmm...

But the roses are so pretty too. I've stuck samples of them both on the wall and hopefully as we go past them we'll feel inspired.

I had a nice parcel to open this morning, some gorgeously fabby fabric! So pretty...

The top one has sweet little elephants all over it.

I tried to do a close up as the design is so cute, but the colour hasn't come out very well, should be more blue.
Take care


  1. Your room looks lovely I like both the wallpapers too. I do the same as you when decorating -put the paper or curtain fabric up for a while to decide which I like best. Gorgeous fabrics!! I love receiving parcels like that!! Maggie xx

  2. What pretty wallpaper! Can't wait to see which one you choose. Thank you so much for your kind words about my crochet mess. I started over and loosened the tension and added one more chain in the corners, and so far this one is turning out better than the first one... Let's hope it stays that way as I progress through each round. :-)

  3. oooo lovely!

    I like the green flowers one ... but then i like the pink flowers one ..... theres only one way to find out .... FIGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!!


    Loving the fabrics ... the pink flowers would make some lovely cushions to go with the wallpaper!


    1. lol, maybe I should dress Imogen and Andy up in separate corners :)


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