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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ouch and a bit of crochet

What a horrible time I've just had. I suppose I haven't done too badly, but I've just had my first case of very nasty toothache culminating in a tooth out. I'm a teeth cruncher, I don't grind, just clench very hard when I'm sleeping... apparently. One of my back teeth had a hairline crack in it (I do wear a mouth guard at night) and hasn't been 'OK' for a couple of years, but this was unbearable. I went to the dentist on Monday and started antibiotics, Wednesday and had the nerve removed and Friday he took the offender out.

Ouch, what a horrible time it was and one I really wouldn't like to go through again, though now I've had a tooth removed I wouldn't be quite as terrified if one had to come out again, I was grateful to see the back of it, though it did shatter in my mouth as he pulled it out.

I haven't done much of anything, but I did pick up my crochet from time to time.

I hear this Minion is going to be called Dave.

And some buzzing about...

I shall now go and try to do some blog catching up as I haven't felt like being on the laptop much recently.

Take care

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back to Normal Service being Resumed

Well normal for us anyway, ha. All the decorations are down and packed away (except for one string of lights that look so lovely I'm keeping them up for now). Crochet projects underway with notepads getting full with lots of lovely new and exciting ideas.

We've been playing our new board game too. We all love it

Ticket to Ride

We all like board games and it's lovely that Imogen is able to play some 'older' age group games now.

Little Alfie must have been dreaming about crochet...

I haven't neglected my hooky and finished sewing up this cute owl this afternoon.

He is so lovely, from 'Crocheted Wild Animals' by Vanessa Mooncie

I changed a couple of things and used some yummy, bright yarn

I'm thrilled with him.

The dogs seem happy to see everything back to normal again... chilling out...

Do you see Penny has had a hair cut, hard to tell in these pictures, but she does look a cutie.

Take care