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Monday, 31 August 2015

Rainy Days and Caterpillars

Oh my goodness, I don't think it's stopped raining all day. It hasn't been the best August weather wise, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of sunshine as it draws to a close.

 Absolutely teeming down as you can see in the photo above. Not a day for venturing out, more of a curl up with some magazines or a good book kind of day. Perhaps time to open my new notebook and fill it with my plans, wishes, hopes and dreams...

I really didn't think I could justify buying a new notebook (I love stationery), but look how beautiful it is, the embroidered birds and flowers, almost too good to open and start writing in!

A new notebook should surely have a new pen too. See the owls, so cute.

 Maybe one of the things I write in my notebook could be some plans for the garden next year after our disaster this summer. We planted some Sprouts and Broccoli in our raised bed

 We just forgot the hordes of butterflies who would visit us

Next year... netting, lots of netting

I think there're so many caterpillars that they may run out of leaf to eat!

Take care

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bars and Melody... and a Poor Fairy

My daughter has been very lucky to go to a school that encourages the top classes in year 8 to sit their GCSE English exam early. Imogen took it in her stride and we also reassured her that even though we hoped she would do her best, if she didn't pass it wouldn't matter and she could still be proud that she sat her GCSE at such a young age.

Well she aced it and we are so proud of her. We asked her if there was anything she'd like to do or go as a reward. The only thing Imogen wanted was to meet her idols Bars and Melody, 2 boys who were in Britain's got Talent, I think last year. She follows them on all the social media sites and loves their music, so knowing they were coming to Sheffield HMV to sign their newly released cds... well, you know where this is going!

We live about an hour from Sheffield, so set off to arrive an hour before they were due.

The queues... thank goodness it wasn't raining

We queued patiently for an hour waiting for them to arrive, Imogen clutching her cd for them to sign, she was so excited.

One of the security men came along the queue to let everyone know they were here and we were told we could go straight in and use the lift (because of my chair). To our surprise, the lovely security men took us straight to the front of the queue, Imogen was besides herself!

Just a few more minutes waiting for them to come in. The noise was quite deafening as hordes of teenage girls were shouting and chanting for them. Imogen even had a wave from Leo as she was at the front.

Leo and Charlie, they're lovely boys, very polite and made Imogen feel special even though it was only for a few seconds. It was their 3rd sitting that day so even if they were tired, they hid it well.

oops, sorry about the finger blur

Now for a complete change of subject, I've been playing with some felting wool and made a little fairy

She was my first attempt, so I was quite happy with her, just needs a few embellishments to finish her off.

I'm glad I took a photos of her because... arghhhhhhh...

The dogs wanted to play with her? I can't be cross with them, she shouldn't have been left where they could reach (they're only small dogs). I think it may have been a protest as we've been going out a lot. Poor fairy was unrecognisable!

Oh well, I'll have to try again.

Take care

Saturday, 22 August 2015

British Wool Show

Still enjoying the school summer holidays, we seem to have packed quite a bit in. After going out every day for a couple of weeks it left me feeling a strong need to spend time at home and in the garden (my favourite places really).

One of the places we visited was the British Wool Show in York.

It's held every year over 2 days to celebrate British wool. They had everything, knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felting, cross stitch, embroidery... workshops were held throughout the day too so new skills could be learnt.

So much talent and skill, so much to look at. The felt art was absolutely amazing and would not have looked out of place in any art gallery.

These hats were amazing

The artist busy making them

I managed to to do a bit of felting in one of the workshops - we made a felted chicken (though mine may have been more pigeon looking)

While I was busy trying not to stab myself with those barbed felting needles (there were plasters on the table), my very patient husband wondered round with the camera...

I thought these seasonal scenes were stunning and treated myself to a kit

Knowing my love of dolls and all things crafty, Andrew surprised me with one of these hand crafted Waldorf dolls. She now sits in my old Victorian dolls pram.

I thought this felted fox was wonderful.

So many gorgeous hand dyed skeins of wool... you could easy spend a small fortune at this show. I manage to keep myself in check due to the lack of space to put it once it gets home, all my storage is already full to bursting!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, which I'd definitely recommend for next year, perhaps I'll see you there!

Take care