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Thursday, 25 August 2016


Haven't we had a lovely summer. I'm sitting near a window watching the rain fall in the garden, but I don't mind, it's still so warm (a bit too warm and muggy really), we've really enjoyed the sun through the summer and there's nothing so good for the garden as rain.

During the month, my lovely son asked a wife of one of his friends to make some cupcakes he could give them to me as a surprise. I cannot say how touched I was, what a lovely thing for my son to think of and how very kind of his friends wife to make them... and they were absolutely delicious...

Chocolate cupcakes, half with chocolate buttercream and half with white icing. The cakes were (yes were, they didn't last long) gorgeous, the sponge was so moist.

I can honestly say they were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, and the thought behind them was so touching.

My son was given a lovely hug and a cuddle to say thank you, but I also wanted to thank the lady who made them. I don't know her, but do know she loves to make cakes, so thought some crochet cupcakes would be just the thing.

I sent them back in the tray the cakes had arrived in.

Take care