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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Our First Cucumber and the Doggies

How exciting is that! We harvested our first cucumber at the weekend and it tasted more delicious than any cucumber I've tasted

There are lots of flowers, so hopefully plenty more Cucumbers to follow.

I think we may start harvesting corgettes next week and we have lots of pea pods and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

I've been treated to a new camera, she's a beauty and I couldn't wait to go outside to try her out. Off to the park we went with the dogs. I love to zoom along on my scooter while the dogs run as fast as they can and chase me. I find it so invigorating, and now I can get some photos of the dogs running without it being a large blur...

I think Penny (at the front) has all 4 legs off the ground in the photo below

Imogen was about to roll down this small hill before being covered in a pile of dogs :)

Catching a breath before the walk home

I'm quite excited about my new camera and plan to take lots more photos.

Just before I go, I must show these wonderful photos of some local yarn bombing - brilliant!

Take care