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Friday, 25 January 2013

Spring Tulips

As we were meandering through the local supermarket, I spotted a bucket with flowers that were on sale. I haven't been lucky enough to find one of these at our usual supermarket before, so feeling well chuffed I treated myself to a couple of bunches of Tulips... they were only 69p each! It's just like having Spring in the living room :)

I've picked up the knitting needles again (haven't done any knitting for a while since I learnt how to crochet) and started on a little cardigan for my Tangkou dolls. I picked the wool up in a charity shop for 10p, it has a silky feel to it. 

A couple of posts ago I showed you some Swallows and said I'd show another picture of them up in the conservatory. Andrew put them up this afternoon :)

Take care

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pasta All Round

I'm not the biggest pasta fan in the world, but hubby loves pasta and it can make a quick and filling meal, especially on a cold winter's evening.

I made 2 different dishes, one with tuna, cheese and black pepper for Adam

and one for us with chopped up gammon , garlic and cheese.

I also cooked a pan of pasta just for the chickens. Poor things need all the help they can dealing with this freezing weather.

Lots of decluttering going on, I've completely cleared out my wardrobe with just the aid of bags! I hung up clothes I know I'm going to wear and feel comfortable in, had a bag for items to go to the local charity shop and a bag for items that I can use as fabric. It's now a pleasure to open my wardrobe doors and look inside instead of fighting with what's in there!

Meanwhile Imogen has been enjoying the snow, though even she is now getting quite fed up with it all.

Take care

Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow and First Word

The snow has been falling steadily all day, lightly and not settling at first, but then thick and fast soon becoming inches thick. I do think it looks so pretty out the window, but so great for those out and about in it (children being the exception of course!).

Imogen couldn't wait to pull her boots on when she came home from school and played outside until her small hands were frozen inside her woolly gloves!

Meanwhile, Phoebe has said her first proper word! We've had lots of imitating sounds (the phone ringing is particularly accurate... unfortunately!), whistles and trills, but we now have a very clear 'Hello'. Every time she says it I have to smile at my clever girl.

Before I go let me show you my lovely Swallows that Andrew treated me to. It's not the best picture, but I know just the place to hang them and I'll take another picture.

Here's one of the books Andrew bought me for Christmas 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin. I've popped it next to my bed and I'm looking forward to having a dip in it tonight.

Don't you think my tablecloth is cute, loving chickens!

Take care

Friday, 11 January 2013

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Andrew's birthday yesterday, he had a lovely day and an evening full of family, games and yummy food.

The boys took over the table while I prepared the birthday tea. Andrew had been waiting for Adam to come round so they could play subbuteo together, it was brilliant listening to them play. There was lots of recapturing of childhood and Imogen enjoyed herself to being the ref and doing the score thingamajig.

 For his birthday tea Andrew decided he'd like some stuffed potatoes. We had stuffed baked potatoes and stuffed mushrooms.

Lots of cheese and chunks of gammon were included...

 There was some tasty cheese and garlic bread and sour cream, we also thought as it was such a naughty meal we should have some nice fresh tomatoes and cucumber too!

 So we feasted on this only to follow it with Birthday cake! Adam helped Imogen put the candles in and she carried it through while we all sang Happy Birthday, and Andrew made his wish as be blew out the candles.

Chocolate cake with ice cream and topped with squirty cream... oh the decadence :)

Well it's only once a year and we've been so good today. I made some tasty soup earlier and we had it for tea with crusty rolls.

Take care

Monday, 7 January 2013

Struggling Back

Hello and I hope everyone has had a marvelous Christmas. Thank you for all the good wishes, it's very appreciated.

I've been poorly since the end of November, with a few days off, getting pretty fed up with it now. I think I must be quite run down to go straight from one illness to the next, but hopefully I'll start picking up soon :) I've started wandering around blogland again, seeing wonderful creations and catching up on people's news.

I finished my throw for the conservatory, and it now sits happily over the back of the sofa in there, handy to pull over your knees when it's feeling a bit chilly!

You can't really tell from the above picture, but it is quite big, so it's nice and snugly and the colours are just right for this lovely sofa that we found in a local charity shop.

After using double crochet to join all the squares together, I made some pretty flowers.

 Then a border so I could include some of the pink from the flowers, and a pretty decorative border just to finish off.

 Time to find something new!

Take care