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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Is it Nearly Christmas?

I can't believe we're just a few days away from Christmas, I just don't seem able to find my Christmas Spirit this year. I've been quite organised, cards were written and posted early on, presents are always bought over a few months, but they've all been wrapped for a while. Normally the tree and decorations go up at the beginning of December, but this year we waited a bit, not feeling the excitement we used to. I wonder if it's because Imogen is 15 now, no more putting reindeer food out or excitedly writing lists to Father Christmas?

We do have our first grandchild, which is the most wonderful thing to happen, but at 4 months old, he doesn't know it's Christmas! I'm hoping we'll be spending some time tomorrow with Zackary and Izzy, Izzy is 8 so a lovely age, full of excitement and I'm hoping some will rub off on me.

The tree in the dining room

Imogen has finished school today for the Christmas holiday so that's rather lovely. We're planning to do some baking together tomorrow and I'm sure we'll play some festive music at the same time.

I've finished Zack's quilt. It's very soft and will be just the thing to have under him when he lays on the floor.

The background is brushed cotton, so feels really nice against the skin.

If all that isn't enough to put me in a Christmas mood, I do have this beautiful photo my son sent me... a real life little Christmas elf...

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy Christmas

Take care

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Over 25 Years in the Making!

Hasn't it turned really cold, time to start wearing bed socks on a night time, blanket over my knees in an evening, bit surprised by the snow during the week! We're planning to put the tree up next weekend and Imogen has started  opening her advent calendar (Imogen has a chocolate one and we bought Izzy a lego one). I think I've finished my Christmas present shopping and I just need to get some more paper and do the wrapping up. The television is full of Christmas adverts and Imogen has been doing Christmas parties at work.... there's no escaping it, Christmas is just around the corner...

I finished Izzy's bunting, I quite enjoyed sitting and hand stitching her name on it. Just needs to be wrapped up now.

I've sewn pompom ribbon down the sides of the first and last pieces, but it's hard to see from the photo.

I've also started sewing together some decorations I've die cut from felt, this one's from some sparkly red felt I had.

I should explain the reason for the title of this post. I started making my son (who is now 29) this little latch hook dinosaur rug when he was only a toddler. I don't know what happened, he was probably too old for it when I picked it up after leaving it for a while. Anyway, it's been aired out and finished off and as Adam is perhaps a bit too old for it now, I shall give to to my grandson, Adam's son instead so it may have taken over 25 years to finish off, but will at least be going to a good home now!

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit or has it crept up on you too (doesn't seem that long since last Christmas)?

Take care