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Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Day Out

The weather here is so beautiful, the sky has been cloudless and the sun shining. I saw a satellite photo yesterday on the news of the UK and it was so clear, no cloud cover at all - wow! All this gorgeous weather can be so spirit lifting, so it seemed right to go out and enjoy it.

I love Yorkshire, and I'm so lucky that Andy (as a born and bred Yorkshireman) is able to take me to such beautiful places. We ventured up into North Yorkshire this afternoon (after waiting to get past the queues of people panicking over petrol strikes that haven't been organised yet - there will be 7 days notice, so not sure why some people are queuing for 45 minutes right now!!) and I was shown the site of the oldest recorded village in Great Britain. How amazing! Unfortunately I couldn't get down to see the house outlines as it was too steep for me and my chair, but I still felt privileged to be so close and see the maps - what a special piece of history.

It turned into a bit of a mad spending day, my boy's birthday is on Sunday, and Imogen's at the end of the month. 14 years apart, but both in April :) and we were so near York... what else could I do!

Oh, and here's a funny photo. We were waiting at the traffic lights and saw this... it wasn't a bike shop!

Take Care

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday, and what a lovely day I had :) The best part of the day was being with my wonderful family, husband, son and daughter. Adam cooked a gorgeous roast beef dinner, we all snuggled down in the afternoon to watch a family film and played games in the evening - perfect!

I was also showered with lots of goodies, from cupcake mummy cushions, boxes of chocolates, cuddly teddies, skincare goodies, flower pot wellies to a crochet book, and I haven't mentioned everything... very lucky mummy!

Best children ever!

Lots of doggie love too...

There is another rather special present arriving on Tuesday that I'm very excited about... will keep that for another day :)

Take Care

Monday, 12 March 2012

Needles and yarn

For Christmas Imo had a tablet pc, we looked around for a nice cover but saw nothing that appealed to her. So... time to do some sewing, a little patchwork quilted bag. We chose some pretty fabric pieces

I love these pretty pink blossoms and have gone back to buy them in blues as well.  It was an evening job after Imo went to bed and didn't take too long on the sewing machine. I wanted it to be quilted to give the tablet some protection.

It's lined inside with the small blossom pattern too. We do have a nice big 'I' cut from felt that Imo would like stitched on one side as well, and perhaps a strap... At least her tablet is safer now!

Thought I'd do an update on my Granny Stripe blanket. Wow... it's getting so big, it hangs down both sides of out kingsize bed, so nice and wide. I'm starting to flag a bit now, but really want to finish it... I think I can see the end... I think! Anways... here it is, I'm sitting on the sofa holding it up in the air and it's draped down the sides...

Take care

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Being Spoilt!

Not been too well the last week, but look how spoilt I've been by my lovely hubby! Lots of new wool for my ever growing list of projects.

Look at these gorgeous bundles of joy

As usual the vibrancy of the colours just doesn't show in the photos, they really are gorgeous!

These snuggle some bundles are from a Sirdar range called Calico, they look and feel wonderful!

While soaking up the wonderful woolliness, my lovely children have been busy in the kitchen baking. Making yummy peanut butter and chocolate cookies...

There were a few batches made... and eaten!
And Imo decorated these very chocolate gingerbread men...

One for each of us!
Take care