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Sunday, 28 July 2013

I won.... chocolate, yum!

Woo hoo, there's nothing like winning a giveaway and it arriving in the post to brighten up a day. I've had to wait to show you as my camera has died, I'm quite upset. It's annoying because it still functions as a camera, but the screen seems to have blown, so with no view finder eith, I can't see what I'm photographing!


The lovely Linda at has sent me this all the way from across the pond

Emergency chocolate... we all need some of this

Isn't the pot pretty

 I've made another phone cosy, knitted instead of crochet this time. They're so quick to make, so make me feel very productive.

I've also been busy painting furniture... painting and waxing... phew

And looking after the sweetest puppies ever. They'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow and are running all over the place and playing with Pixie and the other dogs.  Imogen and her friend had a puppy photo shoot this afternoon.

This one in the dollshouse is my favourite.

 Bruce (the daddy) wasn't left out... even if perhaps would have preferred to have been!

Take care

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Warm and cosy!

I know that's not the kind of title you'd expect to read on an English post today. It's so hot that it's driven us in from the garden to sit in the living room (coolest room) with the fan blowing and windows thrown wide open... phew...

The subject, or object of my warm and cosy title, is my ipod. My darling son bought it as a christmas present, and though I'm still a bit technically challenged by all the functions and fizzimygigs, I do rather like to listen to my music while washing up or doing a bit of crochet.

I keep it on a little tray next to me with all my other clutter and bits, so worry it may get scratched. Last night I made a cosy little case for it.

I used a nice pretty chunky wooden button and sewed some lace on the flap just because :)

What's everyone eating in this hot weather? None of us are very hungry and we seem to be mainly eating salads.

Last night I thought I'd brave the heat (I know I'm a wimp, a limp wimp in this heat) and use the oven to make some cracked potatoes.

New potatoes boiled then placed on a baking tray. I 'crack' them by gently putting pressure on the back of a spoon.

Lots of chopped red onion and cherry tomatoes.

Nice hunky chunks of mushroom.

Hubby squishing a few cloves of garlic for me.

I like to sprinkle some coarse salt, black pepper and olive oil over it before popping in the oven.

It's a really easy and super tasty supper.

Take care

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Time for tea

Phew it's a hot one today, maybe the title should have said iced tea.

I've done most of my chores so now have plans to sit in the garden under some shade with a pile of cotton yarn and a crochet hook... and a nice cold drink!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm picking up the decopatch habit. As well as the chairs I recently showed you, my other addiction is hostess trollies.

Perfect for for serving a nice cup of tea or perhaps a cocktail or two!

I have another one in progress at the moment too, I love them. Perfect for serving from, but I also have one with my ongoing projects stacked on, sewing box, books etc. So is it just me or are there other trolley fans out there?

Imogen has been busy too. Hot weather calls for light summer desserts. Jelly, strawberries and cream topping,

with lots of sprinkles on top.

My sweet daughter had her plaster removed yesterday, so is now hoping her white leg will soon tan to match the other :)

gratuitous puppy pic

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are

Take care

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Everything's Growing

Including our sunflowers, which are getting nice and straight and tall (must take a pic next week).

I'm really pleased with a throw I've started. It's the first time I've been asked to crochet something by someone else (besides my children), so I'm really happy... and nervous that it'll turn out OK. My friend is preparing to start fostering and wants a throw the children can keep on the bed and use when it gets chilly.

I'm using lots of bright colours, though I don't think it shows very well on the photo, the purple looks black and the mauve looks grey!

I've tried some new stitches I haven't tried before, it's so rewarding watching it grow.

A little puppy popped into this picture!

That nicely brings me to how quickly the puppies are growing. When they were born, the lilac pup was almost half the size of the other 2, I think she may be the biggest now!

Their eyes are open now, so not long before the havoc starts and we all become on permanent poop scoop duty!

Take care