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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Time for tea

Phew it's a hot one today, maybe the title should have said iced tea.

I've done most of my chores so now have plans to sit in the garden under some shade with a pile of cotton yarn and a crochet hook... and a nice cold drink!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm picking up the decopatch habit. As well as the chairs I recently showed you, my other addiction is hostess trollies.

Perfect for for serving a nice cup of tea or perhaps a cocktail or two!

I have another one in progress at the moment too, I love them. Perfect for serving from, but I also have one with my ongoing projects stacked on, sewing box, books etc. So is it just me or are there other trolley fans out there?

Imogen has been busy too. Hot weather calls for light summer desserts. Jelly, strawberries and cream topping,

with lots of sprinkles on top.

My sweet daughter had her plaster removed yesterday, so is now hoping her white leg will soon tan to match the other :)

gratuitous puppy pic

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are

Take care


  1. Your Hostess Trolley is beautiful! It's perfect for a summer garden party. Great berries and adorable doggie.... such a happy blog post! : )X

  2. The trolley looks fab, as does that dessert, yum. I'm sure Imogen's leg will soon tan if this weather continues. Love the puppy photo.

  3. Your cart looks adorable and the dessert looks very tasty!

  4. Your trolley looks great Cheryl, decoupage is something I still have to try.
    Loving the gratuitous puppy pic!

  5. You did a lovely job on your tea trolley.

  6. Please can I come over too, cute trolley, cute dog! :) x

  7. You tea trolley is gorgeous. Aw what a sweet puppy x

  8. Love your hostess trolley! It looks great.
    M x

  9. Love tea trolleys! And yours is very pretty. :) And the dessert looks yummy and refreshing!

  10. Just getting caught up on some blog reading. I love the doily you made ( a few posts back) It'll be a gorgeous table runner some day. So sorry about Imogen's leg. Sounds like she is on the mend though, so that's good. Gorgeous afghan you are making and how sweet that your friend wants a special blanket for foster children. Adorable puppies. Aren't they always cute? It's going to be hard to let them go, if you plan on doing so. The carts...I love them. I have two similar ones in the room we are living in. One is used for my coffee pot and coffee items, I call it my coffee bar, and the other one is used for the bread box and wooden spoons and such. I love them. Oh yeah, i already said that! They are a bit nostalgic too. Never thought about decoupaging one. Great idea. The chair looks great too. Glad to get caught up!

    Cindy Bee

  11. May I ask what you use when you decoupage?
    I use mod podge but I don't know what you use there in the UK... I'm very curious.
    Your cart is gorgeous!

  12. You did a great job on the trolley and got such a neat finish. More gratuitous puppy photos please! x

  13. Loving your dollie trolley, it's looking amazing as is that pudding. Enjoy the shade and your crochet, it certainly is hot for England!! Xoxo

  14. I love what you've done with that trolley. It's so pretty! Perfect for serving summer deserts, like that jelly which also looks wonderful. x

  15. Great pick-me-up for the trolley Cheryl! Glad to hear your daughter's leg has improved and hope she soon gets the tan to match the other one!
    Cute little puppy - growing and into mischief no doubt!
    Have a great week!
    Joy x

  16. Love the decoupage trolley, that is such a great idea! I love to crochet in the sunny garden too, and make the most of it. Such a cute little puppy!
    Helen x

  17. Cheryl...loving that have such superb taste in trolley decorating...Bestest D x


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