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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Everything's Growing

Including our sunflowers, which are getting nice and straight and tall (must take a pic next week).

I'm really pleased with a throw I've started. It's the first time I've been asked to crochet something by someone else (besides my children), so I'm really happy... and nervous that it'll turn out OK. My friend is preparing to start fostering and wants a throw the children can keep on the bed and use when it gets chilly.

I'm using lots of bright colours, though I don't think it shows very well on the photo, the purple looks black and the mauve looks grey!

I've tried some new stitches I haven't tried before, it's so rewarding watching it grow.

A little puppy popped into this picture!

That nicely brings me to how quickly the puppies are growing. When they were born, the lilac pup was almost half the size of the other 2, I think she may be the biggest now!

Their eyes are open now, so not long before the havoc starts and we all become on permanent poop scoop duty!

Take care


  1. Love the colour choices in your blanket. The puppies are so small and cute.

  2. The blanket looks wonderful! Great job. Those puppies are just so incredibly cute!

  3. Your blanket is looking gorgeous Cheryl, all the best with it - and just look at those teeny weeny puppies - and they've grown!
    Joy x

  4. You blankets looking lovely. Oh my gosh what little cuties awww they're so sweet x

  5. The blanket looks wonderful - and huge. Or maybe it just looks huge because the puppy is so incredibly tiny. :o)

  6. Loving your blanket and great for your friend to do fostering! There is such a demand for good fosterer parents out there so all the best of luck to your friend. Loving the puppies, they are so gorgeous! Will you be keeping any of them or all of them? Xoxo

  7. What a great project! And what great puppies! : )X

  8. The blanket is lovely, and such a lovely reason for it being commissioned, hope the fostering goes well for your friend. The puppies are so cute, I love that last photo.

  9. Your blanket is wonderful, great colours! I love your little puppies, they are sooo cute!

  10. Hi Cheryl.
    I smiled all the way through this post...
    LOVE the concept of your commission, what a 'fabby' friend, you are
    and the colours are as pretty as can be!
    Ooh the puppies are adorable, the cute lilac one has me thinking of a name for her! This probably isn't a good idea,as I can well imagine the attachment! With hugs Maria x

  11. I left you a pretty long comment, Cheryl!! Not sure if it was eaten up in the ethos, here! IT was one big AWWWW to those little guys ! and I am loving your pretty blanket!
    Hugs Maria x ( you may get two comments now) hehe!

  12. Great blanket and so, so little and cute pups. Ahh!
    Love from Mum

  13. Your throw looks lovely. Jx

  14. Ooooo! I love the blanket. It's lovely and so full of brightness! Puppies are as adorable as ever. Getting big! Well, relatively so. lol

  15. Amazing do you get the edges level! I'll stick to grannies for now! Cute puppies! :) x

  16. The blanket looks amazing, so cheerful and bright.
    M x

  17. Those pups are just so cute, and the blanket so pretty ... a happy post if ever there was one :)

  18. That's going to be a lovely blanket, I really like the pattern. Lots of variation and interest. And how cute are those puppies! x

  19. Those puppies are such sweeties and so tiny. Gorgeous!!!

    Thats a very good start to that blanket and mixing in lots of different patterns will make it more interesting for you and means you'll learn lots of new stitches at the same time. Those colours also make it lovely and bright.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  20. Love the throw, colors are amazing so is the stitch work! Pups are so cute and tiny! Are you keeping them all?


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