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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Thank you for all your lovely comments wishing Imogen well, it's so lovely to think so many people who we've never met have sent such kind wishes. Also, thank you for the lovely comments about my chair, I was blown away by them, thank you for being so kind and encouraging and such lovely people.

So... as well as going round in circles, spending the afternoon with Imogen in hospital having her leg brace removed and a cast put on instead, I also appear to be making them!

I gave you a peek a while ago

 I'm really pleased with how it turned out

This flower was an extra one from a throw I made a while ago.

 It was so simple to make and such a good way to use up oddments of yarn. I'm planning to make another one with felt flowers soon.

My lovely husband recently bought me a copy of Natalie Clegg's Hip Crochet. It's a lovely book and has lots of very do able projects in it.

 I've been feeling very inspired by all the gorgeous crochet doilies I've seen in blogs and the internet, so this seemed like a good place to start.

It's a beautiful gypsy table cloth, but I've used the pattern motif and just made one, a doily. I love it and plan to make more in the future and join them to make a runner.

I definitely want to make more doilies, I was surprised how quickly it made up (I have yet to block it) as I had visions of a tiny hook and many painstaking hours with fine cotton... my eyes aren't as good as they were! But it's 4ply cotton which still makes delicate looking work.

Take care


  1. Hello Cheryl,
    What lovely work. Not so long ago I made a granny square wreath and thoroughly enjoyed every minuet of making it. Yours is beautiful. I recently borrowed that Hip crochet book from the library, I really enjoyed the cute projects and copied down a few nice patterns down. I liked the cuckoo clock best x

  2. Beautiful work Cheryl, and I'm so pleased to hear some progress is taking place with Imogen's leg - poor girl - I hope it's not too painful! I wish her well and speedy healing!
    Joy x

  3. The wreath is so pretty, Cheryl. I like the doily very much too. I hope Imogen is back to normal very soon!

  4. What lovely work. So sorry to hear about your daughter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Leanne x

  5. Lovely crochet work. The wreath is so pretty.
    Julie xxxxx

  6. I love your doilies and the colours are adorable x

  7. They're both so pretty. I love the colours you've used in your doily. Hope Imogen's leg is on the mend, it must be very painful.

  8. Just catching up. Your chair is so pretty, and your crocheted items are just beautiful. I hope Imogen's leg is healing well - it sounds like a very painful injury to have sustained.

  9. Such pretty things, I'm not thinking I can do anything like this for a while, but hopefully one day! :) x

  10. Love both your makes. Wish I could crochet. Hope that Imogen's cast is not causing her pain and that she will be cast free soon.

  11. So wonderful! You do such beautiful work. :). I love the colors. So summery.

  12. What a pretty wreath! It looks great. Your new crochet book looks lovely too.
    M x

  13. Such a lovely wreath, love the colours and a great idea for using up yarn! Loving your doilie, well done its gorgeous. I have seen the book on amazon and must say it looks great. I think the doilies will make a wonderful table runner. Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. Wishing you a very lovely week and more improvements for Imogen. Xoxo

  14. I love that wreath! It's so effective, what a lovely idea. And the doily is fantastic. I like the look of that book.

    I hope Imogen continues to improve. My husband dislocated his knee a few years ago and he had to wear one of those brace things for a couple of weeks. It healed really well though. Thinking of you all. x

  15. Sweet wreath, and the crochet doily is fabby. I missed your post about Imogen, I do hope she's soon back on her feet x

  16. Love the darling crocheted flowers! What a novel way to use bits and bobs of yarn.

    But I stopped by to tell you that you were just selected as the winner of my "Croc-'O-Chocolates" Giveaway on my blog! :-) Please contact me with your full name and address and I will ship it to you right away. Linda


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