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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Sand Through Fingers

That's just how I feel about time, it's just like sand through my fingers. I hear people saying how long January is and I wonder myself where January has gone! My time management feels like it's flown out the window... and taken all my time with it, it feels like we go from a Wednesday to a Saturday with barely a breath inbetween!

I think, I know really, it's because I'm so besotted with our little charge and spend the 3 days we look after him fussing over him, playing with and watching him. Little Zackary is now eating food, not just having his milk. We make him up some porridge in the morning and mum and dad usually bring a little tub of yummy goodness for his tea (they cook and puree different vegetables and freeze them in little tubs, so by the time he eats it here, it's defrosted and just needs warming through).

Zackary sits in his bouncy chair, opening his mouth like a little baby bird... I do enjoy feeding him and he is such a neat little eater... most of the time...

Zack likes spending time on his quilt on the floor, though now he can turn quite easily from his back onto his tummy. He gets so frustrated though when he can't roll back onto his back. Growing so fast and of course everything he gets hold of goes straight into that little toothless mouth (the same mouth that gives me such gorgeous smiles and giggles).

I have spent a little bit of time in my craft room. I don't feel I've had much opportunity, but I have been able to play with my polymer clay. A little leaf or two.

I've also found my old Pippa dolls from my '70's childhood. They need their faces washing and a hair pamper day after being in the loft for so long. As part of our decluttering, we (I say we, but it's Andy who goes up and down into the loft) are trying to clear a lot of stuff from the loft. Bringing a box down, going through it and deciding what to keep, give to charity or just throw away.

Here are my poor neglected girls. Did anyone else have Pippa dolls when they were young? I always dreamed of a Sindy or Barbie doll, but I loved these small girls.

I'm also trying to do a little bit of stitching on Zachary's christmas stocking most days. It's coming along, but still has a good way to go before making it into a stocking. It has a lot of stitching...

I miss 'blogland', so must make more of an effort to write weekly and get round to reading everyone's news. When I look through the photos on my phone, they all seem to be of Zackary. I have a BIG birthday next week, that will be something for me to take photos of.

Take care

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Post Christmas

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas and welcome the new year in with joy and happiness. We're still enjoying the school holidays here as the new term doesn't start until Tuesday, but the trees and decorations were safely packed and put away last weekend.

Here's our little Christmas grandson, filling us full of happiness

He looked rather dapper on Christmas day itself although I think he found the whole business rather overwhelming.

I'm trying to get back into my crafting groove, there're so many things I'd like to do. I have a few kits that were gifts with magazines that need to be used. As I'm also trying to declutter (well, a bit), it seemed a good idea to start using things up. Here's a cute doggy keyring.

This one wasn't from a magazine, it's a little feltie bear I've made into a brooch.

We're ready to establish a routine again... helps me remember which day of the week it is... our little charge is back with us again for a full day on Tuesday and it's Andrew's birthday on Wednesday, everything back to normal again.

Hoping everyone is happy and healthy and 2018 is a wonderful year for everyone.

Take care