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Monday, 4 May 2015

Healthy Living Lasagne

It's been such a gorgeous day today. So sunny with a clear blue sky most of the day. We've been busy in the garden all day (I did find some time to sit and read my book in the sunshine too) until it became a bit chilly, then into the kitchen to do some cooking.

I'm really pleased with how I'm doing at Slimming World, so far I've lost 22lbs. Long way to go, but I'm really enjoying all the cooking (I've always enjoyed cooking much more than baking).

Lasagne didn't need much of a tweak from how I usually make it. We always use as lean mince as possible, and if there is any fat, it's always drained off.

So... browning the mince, added chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, lots of herbs, garlic and a big spoonful of Marmite. For those of you frowning in horror at the Marmite... I really don't like Marmite... yuck, yuck, yuck, though hubby loves it. I often use it in cooking though, with mince, in stews, with gravy as I find I can't taste the Marmite as such, but it does enhance the flavour of the meat!

It's a nice easy meal, but so tasty. Into the dish

a layer of pasta sheets (I use dry rather than fresh as it's less fat and calories)

At this point I used to add either a cheese sauce or maybe ricotta (depending what we have in). I've swapped it for a low fat cottage cheese. I wasn't sure about doing this as even though I don't mind a little bit of cottage cheese, I wouldn't like too much (or the smell).

It keeps in the fridge and though I wasn't sure... yes, it freezes well too. Tastes very gorgeous with chips done in the actifry (a teaspoon of oil mixed with paprika) and peas.

Very yummy, very filling and all 'free' on the slimming world plan.

Take care