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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Turn Small Things Inside Out... and some Bunnies

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post, Imogen is much better and can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. It was interesting to read the comments about the book too, I think I probably didn't do it justice, please don't let my review put you off dipping into it, it really wasn't written in a disturbing way, more about relationships.

I've been dipping back into a bit of sewing this week. After finishing off a couple of cushions, I wanted to try something else, though not too taxing! I've sewn a couple of little bunnies

They weren't too bad to make for a beginner, I think the hardest part was probably turning the tiny ears,arms and legs the correct way round after sewing them... until I found a mind boggling easy way to do it!

I started by sewing around the ears, arms and legs.

Then to turn them the right way for stuffing I used a hollow tube and a stick. This may be old hat to an experienced seamstress, but to me was nothing short of amazing in it's simplicity.

For anyone who hasn't seen this easy method, novices like myself, firstly you make tiny snips around the bends and corners to reduce the bulk when it's turned around.

Then you place the hollow tube inside the piece that you want to turn inside out

push it right to the end.

Then, with a stick narrower than the tube, push the top back into the tube.

All the way until it pops back out the other end... the right way around.

 Then just gently push against the seams to regain the shape. So simple, but I'm so glad I know about it. The first part I turned the correct way was an ear and I did it with my fingertips, very fiddly!

Stuffing the small parts also seemed to take a while, getting the teeny bits of stuffing through and along the tiny limbs. I stitched the ears in as I stitched around the body, then the legs

the arms were sewn on afterwards when I stitched the back the bunny closed. I need to find a piece of blue ribbon for the second bunny to tie a bow around it's neck.

 2 little bunny friends, I really enjoyed making them and they didn't take too long, giving me a little more confidence to try something new.

While I was sat at my sewing machine, I was under observation! Gary was asleep in his bed, but Alfie and Honey were more curious wanting to know what was so important it was stopping me from playing with them. Don't they look cute!

 Take care

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

This Secret We're Keeping

Hello lovely people. It's certainly getting quite a bit colder after our reasonably mild winter so far. We're still a house of illness unfortunately. Andy and I are much better, just the lingering cough that often happens after a virus, but now my Imogen is laid up in bed, so poorly. She was only ill at Christmas (we caught our virus from her), has just finished doing a play with her drama club and now has a temperature of 103 and all that goes with it. I've popped her in our bed with the fan on her to try and cool her down as well as constantly refilling her water bottle.She hurts all over, has a sore throat and is very weak, sounds a bit like may be flu, poor thing. She actually started to get ill on Sunday, but was adamant that she must perform the last evenings show or it would affect everyone else and could ruin part of the show, how she sang I don't know!

I thought I'd do a book review for today's post, The Secret We're Keeping by Rebecca Done.

I found it an interesting read, raising a few questions. The story is told in the present from Jess's viewpoint with chapters told by Matthew about 17 years ago. Matthew tells the story of when he was a maths teacher and Jess was his 15 year old pupil, then we read about their relationship now when they meet again.

I like to think of myself as someone who does not judge others. As I grow older, it has become even more important to me that I do not judge anyone for any reason and to be as tolerant as I can be (I believe we're always growing and learning), but.... it is OK to have opinions, morals and values. Again, I hope I don't let my values affect others, but what about when it comes to someone breaking the law, hurting someone else, especially a vulnerable person such as a child?

This book is about a relationship between a child and an adult, a very inappropriate relationship. I found it very interesting how it left me feeling at the conclusion, seeing the relationship between the same 2 people, but both as adults. If anyone else has read it/reads it, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

On a much lighter note, here are my lovely roses my darling picked up from the bargain section last week.

The petals are just starting to splay outwards, they've done well for roses and look so pretty in my favourite parrot vase.

Take care

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Woof, Woof meet Dexter and Daisy

Hello lovely people in blog world and thank you for all your lovely comments. It's always so good when I turn on my mail and see someone has read my little post and stopped to comment, it never gets old!

Today I'd like to introduce you to my new felted friends, Dexter and Daisy

Here's a picture of Dexter. Hmmm, not quite sure what breed he is.

They're very good friends though

It's nice to have someone to get into mischief with

I'm planning to make them a little collar each, perhaps a tiny bow for Daisy.

I really enjoyed making them and hope to make some more perhaps in different shades of wool. They stand about 5 inches high so are the biggest items I've made so far.

I have a few things on the go at the moment, it's nice to have a choice of crafting projects to choose from. Just have to be careful not to have too many things on the go so that it moves from being a choice to becoming overwhelming!

Take care

Monday, 16 January 2017

Ben Hur and Doggie Treats

We had a lovely relaxing weekend and I think we're now coming through the other side of this horrible cough/virus that has knocked us both (and I believe much of the country) sideways for the last couple of weeks. When I spoke to Adam (my lovely son) during the week, we recommended he didn't come for dinner this weekend. I do really look forward to seeing him every week and we'd cancelled last week too, but we didn't want to pass our nasty germs to him and his pregnant girlfriend.
Imogen had made plans with friends so it left just the 2 of us and we decided to settle down and watch a film together.

I'm a great fan of the 1959 Ben Hur film, I've been brought up on it (I believe it's shown on TV at least once a year if not more) and it stars the rather fabulous Charlton Heston who I always thought was rather lovely.

When I heard the film was being remade, I wasn't very enthusiastic, why fix something that isn't broken, could it be any better? Then when the film was released in the summer, the critics were not really very complimentary and I think it was a bit of a flop at the box office.

We were going to give it a miss, but it was a quiet Sunday afternoon and we wanted something to watch that wouldn't take a lot of thought. So, with no expectations we sat back with some chocolates left from Christmas and I have to say...  thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon!

I would definitely recommend it. I don't know the original story only, as I mentioned, the earlier film, but it seemed to tell it's story just as well with some of the more drawn out parts being omitted. I felt we got to know the main characters and could empathise with them. The famous chariot scenes were still there

I had no complaints about the acting and felt the overall story had a message about forgiveness that wasn't in the earlier film.

I understand that one of the reasons the film flopped was because it didn't really attract the under 25 bracket. I think that's a shame, it was full of action with a good story and even a message. It felt very different from the Heston film and I think needs to be seen as something different. When it finished, Andy and I both felt we'd just watched a good film... one to recommend!

While we kicked back and had our lazy Sunday afternoon, our 3 dogs kicked back with us enjoying a nice treat before curling up in the warm for a cosy sleep.

Are you looking at me?

Take care

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post, it's so wonderful to be able to share this special news and my excitement with you all.

Unfortunately I'm still ill and now my poor husband has caught it too. We sound like a right pair coughing and groaning, I'm expecting someone to ring a bell outside while shouting 'unclean, unclean'. I'm pleased say that our sweet daughter has recovered after bringing these germs into the house and is back at school. This is the second time that Imogen has been ill in the school holidays and passed it on. It always seems to knock me for six so I've told her I plan to wear face masks during her next illness!

I took part in Jo's (Through the Keyhole) 12 days of Christmas swap again this year. I was paired with Jo from Angel Jem's City Cottage. I already read Jo's blog so it was fun to go and look for swap presents for her and to make some too.

I made Jo a felt angel and a couple of brooches

I tried to use angels and hygge as my inspiration.

In return, Jo sent me a lovely parcel, which was put away to help me resist any temptation so I could enjoy opening a gift each evening. So many lovely things...

My daughter has claimed the Snowbites!

We love playing family games, so this card quiz was a hit

Such cute little salt and pepper dogs, I love them, some cross stitch to keep me busy and a lovely Christmas embroidery by Jo.

What a cute scrubbing brush! I love, love, love the coaster, what a thoughtful gift.

Thank you Jo for the lovely gifts, I really enjoyed opening them. Thank you to Through the Keyhole Jo for organising this brilliant swap again.

Take care

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Best News!

Here we are again, the start of a new year. I love that it's new, opens the mind to all sorts of new beginnings and possibilities. It isn't that those possibilities are not there at other times, but it puts them more to the front of my mind.

It wasn't the best of years last year, though still lots of wonderful times were had. This year, well as I sit typing this with my box of tissues next to me and a hot mug of Lemsip, feeling full of cold and high temps, is full of excitement and promise. I can't help but have an enormous grin on my face as I tell you I'M GOING TO BE A NANNY! I am so thrilled to share with you all that I am looking forward to meeting my first grandchild this summer. I know it's very early, but I have already started knitting a little sleep sack in some soft, white, baby yarn. My son and his girlfriend are so excited and he proposed to her on Christmas Day, oh what a wonderful Christmas it has been!

I shall do my best not to go on about how excited I am, I find myself at times during the day nudging my husband and whispering 'I'm going to be a nanny' while he whispers back 'and I'm going to be a granddad' and we both have big beaming smiles on our faces.

I hope everyone out there has had a good Christmas, or as good as they could, I know Christmas isn't a wonderful time for a lot of people. I hope this new year is kind to us all, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and sharing our lives over 2017.

Take care