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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Turn Small Things Inside Out... and some Bunnies

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post, Imogen is much better and can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. It was interesting to read the comments about the book too, I think I probably didn't do it justice, please don't let my review put you off dipping into it, it really wasn't written in a disturbing way, more about relationships.

I've been dipping back into a bit of sewing this week. After finishing off a couple of cushions, I wanted to try something else, though not too taxing! I've sewn a couple of little bunnies

They weren't too bad to make for a beginner, I think the hardest part was probably turning the tiny ears,arms and legs the correct way round after sewing them... until I found a mind boggling easy way to do it!

I started by sewing around the ears, arms and legs.

Then to turn them the right way for stuffing I used a hollow tube and a stick. This may be old hat to an experienced seamstress, but to me was nothing short of amazing in it's simplicity.

For anyone who hasn't seen this easy method, novices like myself, firstly you make tiny snips around the bends and corners to reduce the bulk when it's turned around.

Then you place the hollow tube inside the piece that you want to turn inside out

push it right to the end.

Then, with a stick narrower than the tube, push the top back into the tube.

All the way until it pops back out the other end... the right way around.

 Then just gently push against the seams to regain the shape. So simple, but I'm so glad I know about it. The first part I turned the correct way was an ear and I did it with my fingertips, very fiddly!

Stuffing the small parts also seemed to take a while, getting the teeny bits of stuffing through and along the tiny limbs. I stitched the ears in as I stitched around the body, then the legs

the arms were sewn on afterwards when I stitched the back the bunny closed. I need to find a piece of blue ribbon for the second bunny to tie a bow around it's neck.

 2 little bunny friends, I really enjoyed making them and they didn't take too long, giving me a little more confidence to try something new.

While I was sat at my sewing machine, I was under observation! Gary was asleep in his bed, but Alfie and Honey were more curious wanting to know what was so important it was stopping me from playing with them. Don't they look cute!

 Take care


  1. The bunnies are so cute and the fabric is gorgeous. X

  2. What an great way to turn 'fiddly bits' the right way round! I will definitely refer back to this in the future. Both your bunnies are very cute. Jx

  3. The rabbits are great and I am sure your supervisors have helped!

  4. Your bunnies are adorable! I love them. Along with Alfie and Honey. What wonderful companions you had while you were sewing.
    Have a good week!

  5. Delightful little bunnies, well done on such pretty finishes.
    I'll have to remember the tip about turning right side out, i'm learning to use my new machine and those bunnies would be ideal to try.

  6. Lovely to hear that Imogen is well again and rarng to go to school tomorrow.
    Fabulous tip for turning small things. I shall now be on the lookout for a piece of tubing to keep in my sewing kit.
    The bunnies are beautiful and I love the fabrics you chose....cute little doggies too-x-

  7. Thanks for reminding me of that little tip. I saw it some time ago and had forgotten. Glad that Imogen has recovered it must be a great relief. Xx Ps love those bunnies.

  8. Adorable the different fabrics. Tubing is indispensable for turning out skinny legs, arms etc. It is a brilliant concept.

  9. Glad to hear Imogen is on the mend. The bunnies are a delight, I loved the fabrics.

  10. Love your floral bunnies....I saw them on IG you've inspired me to get the sewing machine out.

  11. Oh the little bunnies look adorable! Clever you, i'm hopeless with a sewing machine and i make even the simplest of sewing tasks hard, lol.

  12. Oh the little bunnies are so cute. Love the material you picked for them.

  13. Your bunnies are adorable!! I haven't heard of that way of turning things out, but I can totally see how it works, what a great idea!

  14. How sweet, I can imagine the fiddliness of the pieces because they are tiny, but how cute they.
    Lisa x

  15. Hi Cheryl. As you were one of the first 6 comments on my headband post, I would like to send you a little parcel including the fleece to make up one of the headbands. As well as those colours mentioned in my post I do have some pale pink, deep pink and pale blue as well if you prefer. Can you please email your preference with you full name and address to Thanks Jenny x

  16. These bunnies look so sweet! They're perfect spring and Easter decorations! x

  17. I think your bunnies are lovely. Easter is not too far away.


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