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Monday, 19 March 2018

Felt Flowers and my Wonder Gadget

Its been a cold weekend, we finally got the snow that the rest of the country has had with minus temperatures alongside it. It was lovely to look out through the window on Saturday (from my warm place inside) at the blizzard blowing by, everything was so white and pretty, a winter wonderland... even though we're halfway through March!

I thought I'd make some flowers to try and bring some Spring into the house and use up some of my felt bits and pieces.

Not sure yet what I'm going to do with them, maybe put them on hair grips or sew brooch pins onto them, perhaps make some more and sew them onto some embroidery.

I've been using these sewing needles, as you can see from the packet, I've had them a few years.

They're still lovely to use, but have tiny eyes. I'm sure as my eyes grow older, these needle eyes get teenier and tinier. This is my super duper wonder gadget that helps to thread the smallest of needles... I love it!

It's called a table top needle threader and is one of my favourite ever gadgets. The needle is placed by the 1, pointing upwards and your thread rests in the little groove.

The white lever (number 2) is pushed down and the needle is threaded as easily as that! Number 3 is a small blade to cut the thread with.

My sewing machine has a built in needle threader, but I really struggle with it, I wish it was easy to use as my table top one.

I have a few felties cut out and ready to sew. I think my favourite at the moment is the little camper van. It makes a cute car air freshener when hung on a piece of twined filled with lavender.

Keep warm

Take care

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Still Indoors

I think I should start this post with a brrrrrrr.... we appear to have escaped the worse of the weather here in our little corner of East Yorkshire, but my, it's chilly! A large part of the country has snow and has come to a standstill (as we often do when the flakes fall as we just aren't prepared for it due to it's infrequency here). The 'beast from the east' as the media have named it, gave us a smattering of snow, but we do have icy cold temperatures. Andrew and I have hunkered down, neither of us having shaken off this irritating bad chest and cold, keeping warm and busy indoors.

Here's a photo of our lovely fountain in the Queen's Gardens area of our city covered in ice

There is a small area where the water is still pushing through

Our garden pond is frozen over with a tiny section where the pump pushes the water out left in the middle. I wonder if our fish are surviving...

We've been slowly going through boxes in our loft, not much has been done over the last month due to illness, but I did come across these hangers.

They would have once held my clothes when I was a baby and I've used them for Adam and Imogen. I wondered if Adam and Holly wanted them for Zackary, but no, so I'm holding onto them for now.

Even though we're both coughing and spluttering, babysitting duties had to carry on. My main worry was that the poor little mite would catch this horrible virus from us so I've somehow managed to restrain myself from kissing him to pieces and so far he seems to have avoided catching anything. It's a difficult situation as Adam and Holly have to go to work and there isn't anyone else who can look after Zack. I took this picture during the week, I think it's one of my favourites. Poor Grandpoppy feeling rather worse for wear, but cuddling the beautiful boy while they sit and listen to music together.

I've done a little more on my cross stitching, but mainly crochet this past week.

I came across this short video when I was looking through Facebook the other day. It's pictures of Hull, before and now, I thought it was well made. Credit goes to the Time Travel Artist on Facebook.

 I hope everyone is well and warm, especially those who have been badly affected by our recent weather.

Take care