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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lots of Happy Things and some advice please

What a wonderful Bank holiday weekend we had, everything always feels better when the sun shines. I love the feeling when I open the curtains in the morning to be greeted by a beautiful clear blue sky. I like to fling open the french doors and drink my first cup of tea with the birds singing in the background (they tend to stay out of the actual garden because of the myriad of family pets).

We went to a car boot on Monday in a big field fall of stalls. The ground was a bit bumpy for my chair, but so worth it, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some of my new happy things

I have such a weakness for bone china cups and saucers, and these are so pretty

I'm not sure what the original purpose or name for this dish is? It's very pretty though, and looks lovely in my dining room.

More happy, pretty things, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it

 Lots more goodies were purchased, I found a lovely stall full of wools and yarn and gorgeous wooden buttons, I'll have to take some pictures of the buttons to show you, so pretty. Imogen bought herself some small bottles of nail varnish and we all had ice cream to help us keep nice and cool.

A little more happiness on my kitchen window sill, I really didn't like having to drink school milk and found it quite torturous (I really don't like milk at all), but I do like the cute little glass bottles!

 And some lovely fresh flowers

And lastly, I need to ask for some help. I've been busy crocheting a round cushion cover but can't find a cushion pad to put in it. I've only found them in one place, but they were horrible and dusty/dirty. Any suggestions please?

Take care

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Few Tulips

We have a little raised patch in the garden, a little something to look upon while doing the washing up and other kitchen jobs. During the Autumn Imogen planted lots of different bulbs in it and we've had quite a bit of colour from Crocus', Daffodils and now the most beautiful and different coloured Tulips.

 So pretty, it never fails to make me smile in the morning when I'm greeted by such vibrant colours.

Just like Spring, we've been a bit late this year with our planting. I was really thrilled with these Sunflower seeds, this photo is just a couple of days after planting.

 It's always exciting to see such quick results. I'm hoping they'll grow tall and strong and can be planted along the fence behind the Tulips (which will have gone to sleep probably by then).

As well as all the seeds I've planted... we also had a trip to find some ready grown plants to give the garden a boost.

Just a few tomato plants, couple of trailing Petunias and look at these lovely herbs, you can't beat fresh herbs in your cooking

It's been so good to be able to sit in the garden and craft. As well as my crochet projects, I made this wee chappie. He was a gift with Homemaker magazine and just needed sewing and stuffing. What lovely cheery colours and bright plumage he has.

I love Spring.

Take care