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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Flying Through May

What a lovely month it's been, we've had a good amount of sunshine, the garden is starting to bloom, we have a new little friend and there was even a royal wedding.

Little Zackary (who is actually not so little now) is 9 months old and all over the place. We've bought him a little push along walker to play with when his here and he loves it. I don't think it's going to be long before this wee munchkin is running all over the place.

Our house is looking a bit like a nursery, we have a highchair and a pushchair as well as plenty of toys (though his favourite appears be an empty water bottle). We were going to pass along the bouncy chair we used, but have been informed that we may need it again in a year or two, so I think it'll be going into the loft.

The garden is starting to come into it's own. I took a photo of the Alliums last week and our new Honeysuckle.

The difference between the garden just from last week and this week is quite amazing, so much colour is appearing all over the place. The dogs are enjoying the cushions being out on the chairs again.

As well as spending time in the garden (I've managed to get through quite a few books recently), we've also been venturing out and about and just having a jolly good time browsing garden centres and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in different places along with the odd lunchtime bite

and a little bit of craft shopping. These felt sheets are 3mm thick so ideal for felting pictures.

My favourite thing about May though, has to be the addition to our family of a little feathered friend, a budgie we've called Petey.

We've thought about having a budgie for a while, but when I see them in shops I always worry that you don't know how old they are and it's unlikely they're used to being handled. On our way to Hornsea one day we saw a sign saying baby budgies, so we went to have a look. I fell in love with Petey straight away and it was reassuring seeing where he came from. Petey has settled in well

Andrew's doing some DIY today and Imogen has some friends coming over later this evening so they can enjoy burning their revision papers from the exams they've finished (they're halfway through taking their GCSEs, 2 more weeks when they go back to school after half term, then freedom... until September when they enter 6th form). I think I'm going to make the most of the garden for now, catch up with some blog reading and do a bit of crochet, ah bliss.

Take care