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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cookie Love

It's half term here this week and Imogen decided to do some baking - one of her favourite things to do.

Very yummy cookie dough was made

with much concentration and measuring...

I think I've put the recipe on here before, it really does make the most wonderful tasting cookie, especially when still warm and soft in the middle....

and it's so nice to be able to store the dough in the fridge and just use as and when

Dough Mountain

The best part is the nom nom part with a lovely cup of tea

I saw this gorgeous cookie when I was perusing Pinterest the other day

It's 2 slices of cookie dough with chocolate baked inbetween them (in a ramekin)..... drool.....  It's from the website Baking for Boys, there are lots of yummy things to drool over there!

Only one more day to enter my giveaway until the draw.

Take care

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bit of Tarting Up.

I bought a lovely standard lamp from one of our local charity shops a while ago. I'd been popping in and out for a while hoping to find one.

It didn't need much doing to it, just a bit of tarting up. I completely forgot to take a before photo before I started... oops, never mind. Here's the shade, lovely big one.

Bit plain though and in definite need of tarting. Tarting accessories...

Glue gun (with extra glue stick as I always seem to run out in the middle of doing something), bobble trim and a lovely twill.

I removed the existing trim and simply replaced it with my own.

How do I manage to almost completely remove my fingerprints whenever I use a glue gun!! Is it just me?

I painted the stand with Annie Sloan paint, Versailles. Here it is in it's glory... please excuse the general messiness

I'm sure lots of you clever people out there could have made a lovely lampshade, but I just didn't know where to start and I'm happy with the trimmings for now

Take care

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Coaster crazy and cosy crochet

The lamps are glowing, the candles flickering and my crochet hook moving fast to keep me warm. It's not been a bad day weather wise today, I've had washing blowing on the line and it felt quite warm when we went out this afternoon.

I love our changing seasons, and as wonderful as it is to feel the warm sun on my skin and enjoy being in the garden, it's also so cosy as the nights draw in and I sit with my fluffy bed socks on and a blanket over my knees (I'm already in pjs at this point). Not to mention the extra hour coming up at the weekend, love that extra hour :)

Making lots of coasters. I love the pretty flower pattern and could quite happily cover the house with coasters and doilies. I have a few doily patterns that I'm looking forward to trying out... my list is so long.

I've made these ones in double knit cotton, but I do have some very fine cotton and teeny hooks to try with too.

This evening I'm hooking with some chunky yarn I picked up at the weekend, making small throws to cover the backs of our new chairs.

Nice simple Granny stitch, rows of trebles. Lovely and warm over my lap while I hook them

Just an aside before I go back to my hooking...  look what I've found

A sad face Sylvac dog. I'd like to have another one or two, perhaps different sizes.

His doleful eyes make me smile when I pass him, just like Nan used to have on her mantelpiece.

Don't forget the giveaway.

Take care

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Some of you may remember that we had a terrible time in the summer, losing some of our beloved canine babies over a very short period of time.

We've snuggled up in an evening with Honey and Gary



 Lovely as that is (and it really is), we felt something was missing. Though no dog can replace another, we felt we needed some more noise in the house.

So here's Alfie... another Chihuahua

and Imogen's baby, Penni... a Lhaso Apso

 Yes, this is a very dog heavy post, full of pics of our new babies

The house is noisy again, there are mad races around the house, and it's a fight to get a comfy seat. There are times when for example a new rug was peed on twice within the first 5 minutes of it being in the house (if you aren't a dog lover, I'm sure you'll be wrinkling your nose by now) that causes big sighs of frustration, but they're babies and are worth it (have to remind hubby of this sometimes when his cleaning up).

Little did we know the house was going to get much noisier anyway...

Our parrot Phoebe, who was happily saying 'hello' to everyone, is now screeching out hubby's name at the top of her voice.

I thought this was quite amusing at first, so after Phoebe shouts out 'Andreeeeewwww" it's now followed by a small laugh, then 'c'mon good boy', which before you wonder, is not what I say to my poor husband, but the dogs... really!!

Take care

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Crossing the Bridge

I've written about our magnificent bridge before. I'm always in such awe of it and love going across, enjoying the view and pretending with Imogen that we're flying.

It's quite breathtaking , the size of it, and was built before I moved here. It must have been quite a sight watching being erected.

The views as you travel over are wonderful

Certainly not done justice by my point and snap camera from within the car on such a dreary day.

We were just nipping over the bridge to visit a garden centre in Brigg. It's an enormous place and we spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around, being careful of the wildlife

Popped in the restaurants for a lovely cup of tea and slice of cake, and visited the Christmas grottos, that  have such beautiful decorations and ideas... unlike these two...

The rest of the weekend has been spent indoors, cuddling up together

and relaxing

Take care

Friday, 18 October 2013

A little Christmas Cheer

Yes it's started, time to start getting ready for the Christmas festivities. 

Tentative shopping lists are being made as we try to pin Imogen down to writing a Christmas list now so we can break up the present buying and making.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a choice of 2 books, they'd make excellent presents... and there's still plenty of time to enter... bit disappointed that there aren't many entries :(

I've been busy making little stockings to be used as Christmas garlands. They look quite sweet over the fireplace.

I thought I may make a long one to use as a countdown to advent.

Fill the stockings with little gifts and chocolates.

I'm trying to be a little more organised this year (not holding my breath though), so I'm better prepared if any nasty lurgies strike like they did last year!

Have a happy weekend

Take care

Monday, 14 October 2013

Meet the Fuzzy Buds

I thought I should introduce you to a couple of friends of mine. They're a brother and sister called Patchrick and Jellymima, and they're called Fuzzy Buds.

Patchrick is an adventurous soul, he likes to explore and run around outside kicking the leaves

Jellymima is a wee bit shy, likes lots of cuddles and drawing pictures with her friends

Gosh, should I be getting out a bit more :)

Imogen has been busy crafting. She isn't always interested, but had a hankering to make something. It took an afternoon and she is developing a love for buttons... I'm so proud!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway in the last post.

Take care