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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cookie Love

It's half term here this week and Imogen decided to do some baking - one of her favourite things to do.

Very yummy cookie dough was made

with much concentration and measuring...

I think I've put the recipe on here before, it really does make the most wonderful tasting cookie, especially when still warm and soft in the middle....

and it's so nice to be able to store the dough in the fridge and just use as and when

Dough Mountain

The best part is the nom nom part with a lovely cup of tea

I saw this gorgeous cookie when I was perusing Pinterest the other day

It's 2 slices of cookie dough with chocolate baked inbetween them (in a ramekin)..... drool.....  It's from the website Baking for Boys, there are lots of yummy things to drool over there!

Only one more day to enter my giveaway until the draw.

Take care


  1. Oh mwahhhh! That looks beyond scrumptious! Thanks for sharing - I guarantee we'll be making that cookie ice cream yummy dessert before the week is out... Chrissie x

  2. I'm drooling just staying here. I shall have to look up your recipe.
    Love from Mum

  3. Oh yum - all looks delicious.
    Kate x

  4. Yum! We baked chocolate chip cookies last week and they were so good. I love the look of that dessert too. Imogen is a very good baker!

  5. oh those cookies look delicious. I think a mountain of dough in the fridge for cookies at any moment is a genius (if dangerous) idea!!

  6. Ohh, that chocolate cookie baked thingy (can't remember what you called it, all I can picture is chocolate and cookie!) looks amazing. I bet it was wonderful with the scoop of ice cream on top! Imogen did a great job here. xx

  7. Well done Imogen - they look delish! And now I must look up that website - I can't turn my back on that temptation! Thanks so much for posting, Cheryl, and I hope Imogen enjoys her break. Hugs, Joy x

  8. Oh, good grief--I am TRYING to diet right now. :-) Now all I want is one of those mouthwatering COOKIES! Argh.

  9. Imogen is a great baker. How brilliant that she can do it all by herself. Cookies are a great treat, I think. You can whip them up so quickly. Olly and I made some cookies the other day. He had a lot of fun with the different shaped cutters.

    Leanne xx

    1. It's good that she does more by herself now, makes her feel more independent xx

  10. Oh my that looks delicious!!!! That double cookie filled with chocolate looks the bizz. Your daughter looks like she's having fun and doing a super job too!! Enjoy spending time together. Mine are back at school again. It's so lovely to have them home xoxo

  11. So much deliciousness in one post. I don't often bake cookies, I'm more a bun and cake girl, but you've got me yearning for them now.

  12. Yummy! They look delicious xoxo

  13. You are killing me. I've been trying to lose some weight and I've been craving chocolate chip cookies and potato chips! HELP?!?!!!

    Cindy Bee

  14. Yum, you are making me very hungry.

  15. Your Imogen is darling Cheryl! How old is she? I love it when they enjoy baking and working in the kitchen :)
    It all looks quite yummy.

  16. I don't think I could live with that cookie dough in the fridge, I would keep going back and pulling some off to eat!

  17. Mmmmmmmmm! Can I come to tea?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  18. Yes, me too ... I could demolish a cookie or three right now, I've been working hard all morning out in the wind :)

  19. Oh lovely they look yum yum yum! Lovely to have a little helper in the kitchen x

  20. Some really delicious looking baking going on there!
    Marianne x

  21. Sweet times in the kitchen with mom. Have a great weekend.

  22. Those cookies look delicious. Love baking! Xx


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