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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tidying up...

The garden has been looking a bit scruffy, it's that time of year when the pots are past their best and we've lost the colour from the summer flowers.

So  a spot of gardening was in order, a bit of tidying up, replanting, bringing back some colour to our neglected patch.

Something to look at through the kitchen window...

A little burst of sunshine...

I love a bit of ivy, it seems to look nice with everything, and hasn't minded being moved around from one place to another.

The garden looks much nicer and I'm hoping we'll still get quite a bit of use out of it while the weather stays so mild.

Of course there has been some crochet happening too, also in the tidy up vein! Our dining room table is looking a bit shabby around the legs, courtesy of some wee doggies when they were younger, so I made it some socks!

 The scruffy bits have been hidden, mission accomplished!

Time for a rest... after sorting out the laundry. Washing machine and tumble dyer doors must be kept closed while not in use, and thoroughly checked for pussy kittens before using!

Don't they look cute curled up asleep together...

Take care

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Bit of Prep... Crochet

There are a few things I'd like to crochet for my loved ones this Christmas. I've bought a couple of presents and hidden them away and want to make a start on the creative side.

I've seen a lovely minion phone holder that will look nice on Imogen's bedside table (and be practical) and how could I resist making this cute Olaf from Disney's Frozen.

Unfortunately my Imo isn't quite as enamoured by Olaf as she would have been a few years ago, but luckily my son's girlfriend has a 5 year old daughter who thinks Disney princesses and all that goes with them are the most wonderful things ever.

I've checked with her mummy that she doesn't have one yet, and can't wait to give her a new friend at Christmas.

I'm pleased it didn't take me too long to crochet him up, the best time is when Mitzi is asleep

Otherwise I have to fight her for the yarn...

Take care

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hull's Freedom Festival

The Freedom Festival started last night and continues until tomorrow evening, and what a marvellous festival it is, full of colour and sound, a visual and auditory treat.

Hull Daily mail
The weather was dull and the rain on and off, what a shame, but still the streets were full of people, and tomorrow's forecast is much better.

Escaping the rain, we went to keep dry in this tent...

How wonderful, it was a story telling tent. The lady below was telling a story in such a way that I just ending up sitting completely enthralled with a tent full with children and adults alike. I believe we have lost much from the art of story telling, when stories were passed from generation to generation before the printed word, this lady made the story come alive and could have quite happily spent the day just listening....

There was an outside circus called - No Fit State. Acrobats, gymnastics, jugglers...

Juggling while being pushed around.

After the amazing performance it was time to involve the audience. Imogen had a walk along the bars, each higher until you reached the tightrope.

Hula hooping and cartwheeling...

All taking place in Queens Gardens

There were plenty of places to get a nice hot chocolate or cup of tea to warm you up in the drizzle.

I was very excited to see a flash mob in the station performed by the very talented Freedom Chorus Choir.

There are pianos scattered throughout the city for the public to have a play on.

Golden firebirds flew through the city.

Bands were playing.

When it gets dark the streets will be lit up and the music will keep playing late into the night, so many musicians, some already well known artists and local ones too, comedians and small theatres. 

So if you aren't too far away, there is one day left, tomorrow, to celebrate this wonderful city and freedom.

Take care

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Normal Service Resumed

I feel like I blinked and the school summer holiday passed by. After 6 weeks of having my beautiful girl at home during the day, she's now returned to school. No longer the young ones, but to the heady heights of year 8. New school uniform, hours spent putting in name tags, shoes shined and buffed and back my baby went yesterday.

As much as I miss her smiling little face during the day, it's also good to get back into a routine and have some structure.

Today I managed 2 loads of washing, a walk around the park with the dogs, planted my cyclamens for winter and cooked a lovely roast dinner.

I wish I had lots of photos to show my lovely day, but I do have some pictures to share from my crafting makes.

Feeling all autumnal... falling leaves make me think about hedgehogs. Do you like these cuties?

Hattie and Herby, knitted in scrunchy, sparkly eyelash chunky yarn. I didn't find it the easiest yarn to work with, hard to see where I was up to, but I do think it gives a lovely effect and plan to make some more.

I'm off to have a nosey around and see what everyone else's up to.

Take care