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Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Baby Girl's Birthday

My baby turned 11 today. It's been a lovely day and she's gone to bed tired out and happy.

I'm exhausted! Imogen goes to a swimming disco on a Friday evening, so I planned to use that time to make her birthday cake, it never occurred to me that it might be cancelled! It ended up being a very late night...

Chocolate cake was mixed, beaten and folded until arms ached...

Once baked, I had to wait for it to cool down so it could be covered with lots of buttercream icing inside and out, hiding all the tasty chocolate...

By now I was feeling very tired and wondering why on earth I hadn't found time in the afternoon to make it.

The outside was covered with very yummy praline chocolate fingers...

 and the top had some One Direction wafer pictures on for Imogen to swoon over...

 This afternoon was spent preparing for a family tea party while Imogen and her friend were out with Adam.

 The cake was a success

 After everyone was full, Imogen and her friend attacked a pinata

 I was a little nervous for my china, but thankfully it was fine. It took a lot of bashing!

I can't believe my baby is 11 and I'm so proud of the lovely young lady she's growing into.

Take care

Monday, 22 April 2013

WIPs, Pretty Finds and another Cushion!

I'll start with the cushion as that's something finished. It was so easy and quick to finish my last one that I thought I should crochet another cushion. I used bits and pieces left over in my wool stash.

There wasn't enough of the peach colour to use on both sides.

Two big granny squares, instant gratification!

 My other crafty endeavours are WIPs, I love this cushion. I haven't made a round one before and after much web searching came across Attic 24 and Lucy's flower pattern.

I think it's so pretty and the colours go together well. The instructions are lovely and clear, I've still got a way to go though.

Here's my other WIP is in early stages, but will hopefully not take too long.

 I think you may guess what it is :)

A friend brought me a couple of pretty china mugs, and it just so happens I already had a lovely jug to match the pattern.

Not much matches, so what a lovely coincidence :)

Before I pop off to cook some tea, I'll just share some more puppy pics. 2 have homes now, just 2 more happy homes to find. So cute, with big floppy ears... and big appetites!

Take care

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hearty Bunting

Where does the time go, I keep thinking I must blog more often, but then a week or so has passed!

We had a family day out the other day. It was a bit cold and windy though the sun did fight it's way through the clouds now and then. We kept moving, a bit of crazy golf.

Some F1 racing

Oh no, man down

Birds of prey

Lots of animals to pet and feed

Meerkats... so cute...

Baby Joey...

Then a bit of crafting at home, some crocheted hearts.

Heart pom poms and big round pom poms

Some pretty bunting

Take care

Monday, 8 April 2013

Our Park

The Easter holidays are coming to an end so we've been making the most of going out and the little bit of sunshine that we've had.

Saturday afternoon was spent in our beautiful local park. I'm always going on about how lucky we are to live so close to such a wonderful park. It has everything from wide open spaces, children's play areas, streams and ponds for ducks and sailing, a pavilion with a cafe, a water play area for the summer, stunning scenery and an animal centre.

We didn't take the dogs with us on Saturday so we could go and say hello to the animals. The majestic peacocks wandering freely.

We saw the small ponies being fed with bags of chopped carrots.

 Wallabies, 2 albino ones enjoying the warmth from the sun,

and 2 more, 1 with a joey popping in and out of it's cosy pouch.

Noisy goats, 3 adults and 2 kids.

 Emus watching us with beady eyes.

 Lots of beautiful, colourful birds.

Imogen went climbing trees,

and rocks in the Khyber Pass

Then a trip for Imogen in the play area. It has everything and new things are always being added. I think the latest additions are a couple of trampolines built into the ground, there's also a zip line, lots of different slides for different ages, swings, roundabouts, climbing areas and much more.

We are so lucky to live within walking distance of such a lovely park, and I'm looking forward to spending more time there as the weather improves.

Take care