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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Very Cold Seaside Day

It's the school Easter holidays, it's Spring... so I thought it was time to wrap up and venture outside. It was bitterly cold, but the sun was really doing it's best to shine for us.

We wrapped up, put Imogen's scooter and one of the dogs (wrapped up too) in the car and went to Bridlington for the afternoon. Honey was so excited to be out of the car and ran down the beach to play while Andy and Imo built dams, stepping stone paths and towers with the stones.

I sat in my chair with my blanket, hood and gloves, but my lips were stinging from the cold wind coming across the sea. How I would have loved to run down and build something to keep warm. I wasn't lonely though, not with so many people out and about enjoying the bracing sea air and walking their dogs. I often find that dog owners are so friendly, I stroked and petted lots of lovely dogs and chatted with their owners.

Eventually Honey ran back to me and jumped on my lap to get warm, time for chips mum! Andy and Imogen came back and we sat in the car and had fish and chips looking out over the sea.

After thawing out a bit, Imogen went back out and rode up and down the prom on her scooter.

Very cold, but still a lovely family time out... may take an extra blanket next time though!

Here's a quick snap of the puppies having a nosh...

Take care


  1. Ooh that looks bracing! We used to go to Bridlington on ' Trip Day' when I was a child and lived in Driffield. We still love the east coast but tend to go to Scarborough if we head over there.

  2. It is so cold isnt it but at least its bright and sunny. Glad you managed to get the sea air! It always makes me feel good.

  3. Cute puppies! We've just been for a walk along the river, it was freezing! One of the girls had developed a chilblain on her ear! Brrrr! :) x

  4. We've been to the beach too this last week and even brave / stupid enough to have a picnic there! Love the pups.
    FYI - Blogger is not for some reason updating the fact that I have done a post.

  5. If the sun is out, you must go to the seaside even if it's cold. We just moved into our beach hut and have gone down to visit it almost every day...sometimes for only a few minutes... it's SO COLD! : )

    AND I must say, those puppies are adorable!

  6. You were brave to even go to the beach in this cold weather! The puppies are adorable. I know I've said that before and will probably say it again every time you show them because it's true!! :o)

  7. Awww, the puppies are growing, they're so cute. Bridlington's had a bit of a facelift over recent years, I was surprised at how it's changed. It's lovely to have a bit of sunshine, even though it's still very chilly.

  8. Sounds like a great day out, even with the cold! The sea air always does you the world of good I think.
    M xxx

  9. It's blimmin' freezing isn't it, especially anywhere where there's an onshore breeze!

    Those pups are shaping up nicely :D

  10. Looks like a good day out even if the cold would cut you in two. Your puppies are getting big aren't they!
    Rosie xx

  11. Brrrr those days out blow the cobwebs off...Don't they just! Gosh those puppies are growing fast! ~With 'Twinkles' **** Maria x

  12. Sounds like a good day - even if it was a tad chilly. Roll on the summer - that's what I say. :)

  13. Lovely seaside pictures. I still like to be by the sea even when it's cold, it's so invigorating. And especially lovely when the sun shines. x

  14. It looks lovely even if it was so cold!


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