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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chicken Catastrophe?

I was hoping I would be posting this evening about our beautiful new addition to the hen house, Daphne, a Light Sussex.

Instead, it's more of a plea for help! We have 2 Rhode Island Reds, about 3/4 years old, Bella and Sylvie. Lovely girls, they follow Andy about the garden and let him feed them from his hands. We saw the Light Sussex hens and explained about our existing girls as we were worried about a new addition perhaps being bullied. The people in the shop had Bluebells as well as Light Sussex hens and told us that the Bluebells could well be bullied, but Light Sussex are a hardy breed and it shouldn't be a problem.

We brought Daphne home, very excited to slowly introduce her to her new hen mates...

She had a scratch and peck around the garden, seemed quite content to amble about.

Meanwhile Bella and Sylvie, who were still in their coop, were not happy at all! Andy let them out, and though they were chattering away, all the chickens seemed happy enough to scratch about

Then, almost in tandem, they ruffled up their feathers and attacked each other. Both Rhode Islands have been chattering away as though complaining, and I just don't think we should consider putting them all together in the same coop despite what the shop said, I'd be so worried that one gets hurt!

Andy's putting something together as I write for Daphne to sleep in tonight, but any advice would be very appreciated.

Thank you

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our Little Bridge

What beautiful weather we're having, it's been far too nice to stay at home... we keep finding so many jobs here that need doing! Yesterday we took the dogs down to the Foreshore. It isn't a place they can run about freely, but is a nice walk for them and us, and the views of the Humber Bridge are so good here - right underneath it. I love our little bridge (once the largest single span suspension bridge in the world), when we go away, when we cross the bridge I always have such a sense of coming home, it feels good :)

Honey enjoyed her walk

Andy was up first thing this morning' car had been loaded last night, ready to go to a car boot. We had so much stuff that needed to go. He managed to sell quite a bit, but there's still a fair bit to take to the charity shops tomorrow. When he came home we were all set up and ready for a nice family barbeque. I made a big potato salad, and we had chicken, burgers and sausages. Even though he was tired, Andy wanted to do the grilling, Adam had to content himself with being the sous chef :)

Such a lovely day in so many ways. We ended up sitting round Imogen's paddling pool with our feet in the cool water, the dogs were happy chewing on their pigs ears and sleeping

Andy gradually gave in to the tiredness (after a cuddle with Gary) and had a well deserved rest... sleep!

While I cleaned up...

Take care

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mist and chips!

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to Amanda over at Crafty in the Med for showing me how to allow replies to comments directly on here.

Another lovely day! Poor Andy has been stuck in a classroom all day teaching, so I thought I'd make him his favourite tealoaf. Now this is definitely his favourite (Adam likes it too, so I shall make him one tomorrow) and not mine or Imogens... it has Marmite in it.... I'm with the hate brigade of the love it or hate it, shudder!

I soaked some sultanas overnight in some nice strong tea (my favourite kind, I like a nice, strong cuppa)

This tealoaf is so easy to make and is suitable for diabetics too!
You need is 6oz of sultanas or dried fruit
                    9oz self raising flour
                    8fl oz milk
                    1 tbsp Marmite
                    A teabag!

All I needed to do today was sieve the flour into a bowl and add the drained fruit

Then the bit I'm not so keen on, pour the milk into a small pan and add the Marmite. Stir over a low heat so the Marmite melts.... I know....

Then just pour the milk onto the flour and fruit and mix it in well. Spoon into a greased loaf tin

I cooked it on Gas 4 for 35 minutes

All ready for Andy to have with a nice cup of tea when he came home from work!

Enjoying this gorgeous weather made us think about the seaside, so after picking Imogen up from her friend, we decided to head over to the coast for a fish and chip supper.

We had our usual competition of 'first to see the sea', but no one was spotting it... the mist was so heavy, and unexpected! In places it was like driving into a wall of mist. We parked up while Andy and Imogen popped into the chip shop, I could see the mist rolling across the road, couldn't pick it up in the photo though.

It was very tasty

While we sat in the car, Imogen ventured onto the beach and with the bravado of a child jumped some waves - the water was freezing cold!

We brushed the sand from her feet and she jumped into the shower as soon as we arrived home.

By the time we left the mist was starting to creep more inland. This photo shows how misty it was!

Take care

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sun and Doggies!

The sun is shining again, I'm so happy :) Lots more time to spend in the garden again today, except today was more about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying all the hard work (well OK, for me it was, poor Andy was still fence painting). The dogs went from trying to find a piece of sun to lay in, to seeking out some shadow

Gary was the clever one, he hopped up next to me and into my crochet bag!

I think he looks really cute, though I did have to move him a couple of times to get some wool out.

It was nice to be able to take some crochet outside for the first time. I carried on with Adam's blanket (I'm not picking it up as often as I should really, and I'm feeling impatient for it to grow!) and found the rhythmic motion very soothing.

I did manage to drag myself inside to prepare some chips for tea. We bought an actifry last year after much and (will it become something that gets used a couple of times than goes to hibernate in a cupboard for ages), it was such a good buy! The chips taste lovely, so much nicer than oven baked ones, but without all the fat :)

We had some with chicken and a nice big salad for tea. Felt very healthy and virtuous :)

Here's one more photo of Bruce :)

It's too hot mum!
Take care

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Sunshine's back!

Oh thank goodness, the sun is shining again and everyone has a smile on their face :) Beautiful blue skies have drawn us into the garden to catch up with jobs that were getting a bit neglected. The grass has been cut and the last few seedlings planted out in tubs so they can soak up the goodness from the sun.

We've mainly grown (and bought) flowers this year, a couple of pea shoots are in the veggie bed, we have tomatoes and a few spring onions, and of course our potatoes, but that's it this year. The tubs look pretty and will hopefully look glorious in the summer (I always think of the summer as the school summer holidays, I think it has something to do with having had a child at school for the last 20 years). Lots of sunshine, Imogen playing in her paddling pool, sitting in the garden with the dogs, a cool drink and a good book :)

Andy is outside cleaning the patio so I've come indoors to keep the dogs inside. While I'm in here, let me show you what my sweetie pie has been doing. Imogen had some lego for her birthday and has thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. Here's the house, it has so much to it - I love it!

patio on the balcony

lovely big garden with lots going on

And the whole house

Hope you're able to enjoy the sun wherever you are

Take care