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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Sunshine's back!

Oh thank goodness, the sun is shining again and everyone has a smile on their face :) Beautiful blue skies have drawn us into the garden to catch up with jobs that were getting a bit neglected. The grass has been cut and the last few seedlings planted out in tubs so they can soak up the goodness from the sun.

We've mainly grown (and bought) flowers this year, a couple of pea shoots are in the veggie bed, we have tomatoes and a few spring onions, and of course our potatoes, but that's it this year. The tubs look pretty and will hopefully look glorious in the summer (I always think of the summer as the school summer holidays, I think it has something to do with having had a child at school for the last 20 years). Lots of sunshine, Imogen playing in her paddling pool, sitting in the garden with the dogs, a cool drink and a good book :)

Andy is outside cleaning the patio so I've come indoors to keep the dogs inside. While I'm in here, let me show you what my sweetie pie has been doing. Imogen had some lego for her birthday and has thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. Here's the house, it has so much to it - I love it!

patio on the balcony

lovely big garden with lots going on

And the whole house

Hope you're able to enjoy the sun wherever you are

Take care


  1. hello Cheryl,
    Many thanks for your comments on my blog.

    Lucky you ... you have a garden! I have to make do with my balcony pots which actually aren't doing too bad at all because it gets like a hot house out there but I'd certainly change it for a garden. Isn't it nice to get yr hands dirty now and again.
    Ohhh what a sweetie its fascinating watch kiddies play house and when they chat to the occupants :-)

    Amanda x

    1. Thank you, it's only small, but we do have a nice garden :)

  2. Good for you getting all that gardening done - mine is looking disgraceful! Mr thrifty has been clearing ivy today. Lovely having a bit of sunshine isn't it. My daughter had something similar to that lego when she was little although not as grand - it looks so sweet xx


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