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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Birthday Girl

My baby is in double figures, how did that happen, Imogen is 10, wow! She had a wonderful birthday after a week of not sleeping very well because of the excitement of the impending celebrations. During the day she was at school and we were busy blowing up balloons, putting up streamers and birthday banners, she was so excited to come home from school with Daddy and see the banner and balloons on the front door... blowing about quite fiercely in the wind!

2 of Imogen's friends came for her birthday tea and for a sleepover. They had a girly night painting their finger and toe nails

Watched a couple of films, shrieked and giggled, and ate lots and lots...

I've just started making Adam (son) a blanket. He asked for one to go over his sofa that he can use to snuggle with in the winter (his house is rather draughty) and suggested browns and creams. I started a rectangle Granny for him last night, the colours look nice and cosy together.

Ooh, that photo looks a little odd at that angle. I laid in on my pouf rather than the floor so Bruce couldn't jump on it (he still feels the need to chew things that he shouldn't), you can see how it's coming on though :)

Take care


  1. Hi Cheryl, lovely to meet you and thank you for becoming a follower. Happy Birthday to Imogen, what a lovely name she has xxx

  2. Thank you for joining me Cheryl and commenting on my hoard!!! Like Emma, I love the name Imogen - we had a friend with a daughter named Imogen and I have taught one Imogen - both were delightful. Looks like they had a lovely time xx

  3. hello Cheryl....thanks for becoming a follower. My grand-daughter is 11 and she's just the same....fiddling around painting her toe nails (already)and the other day she asked me what did I think if she dyed her hair black like her schoolmate. I cringed but tried not to make too much of it....she has long dark blonde curly hair. Tch!
    The granny square stands out quite well in those colours!

    keep well

    at Crafty in the Med

  4. Looks like the girls had a great time. Happy Birthay Imogen! You picked great colors for a blanket for a young man. Remember to show us when you finish it!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Looks like Imogen had a lovely birthday! Happy times :) Maggie xx


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