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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The girls are laying again...

We were starting to think our girls weren't going to lay any more eggs for us, it's been ages since we had any fresh eggs from our hens.

Then... woo hoo... Andy went to feed and clean them out and came back with a bag full of lovely, big fresh eggs.

I think I'll use some to make a quiche or 2, and omelets are definitely on the menu - yum! We made a pizza for tea last night, it was delicious.

You can't beat a home made pizza, so much nicer than what the shops sell and you can top it with your favourite things. I keep meaning to get on top of my organisation skills (or lack of) and make a couple more to freeze as it's always handy to have something quick to grab.

The puppies are getting bigger and starting to venture out and about in their playpen. They are just so cute, 2 are very like their dad, and the other 2 more like mum. Prepare for puppy picture overload :)

And if that wasn't sweet enough for you, I'll leave you with a picture of the very tasty chocolate caramel slices we've made.

Take care

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Finally Finished...

Yes, I finally went back to my very first piece of crochet (Granny Squares), the ends were sewn in and I made a back for it, crocheted it together and made a cushion cover.

I'm pleased with it, in fact I think the colours look so bright and pretty in a large square like this, that I've decided that I prefer this side as the front.

I used some pretty ribbons to do the opening up (in a house with pets, you need to be able to wash the covers).

I think someone may be feeling the need for some attention (must be something to do with all this puppy palaver). My crochet hook was lying next to me one minute... then it was STOLEN...

I ended up having to bribe with monkey nuts to get it back. Maybe she wants me to teach her... or maybe she just likes bright colours :)

Before I scoot off I must share my wonderful news. Imogen had braces fitted a few weeks ago. There was much unhappiness and a couple of return visits to have them tweaked and bits snipped off, tears as she told us how she would rather have crooked teeth than a brace, it was very sore at first. One of Imogen's front top teeth had grown through at a right angle... and is now perfectly straight already! She has such a beautiful smile crooked teeth or not, but I know she is thrilled. Braces will have to stay on for a while yet, but what quick results!

Take care

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mother's Day... and more Puppy Pictures

Sunday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK. I had an absolutely wonderful day with my family, they are always the happiest days. We did it a bit different this year for us, I'm always asked what I'd like for lunch and we have a roast dinner as we do most Sundays. This year Imogen cooked brunch of sausages, hash browns, egg and bacon. She did it with Andy's supervision, but it was cooked by her and an excellent job she made of it to!

Adam came round at lunchtime and we had a fabulous afternoon playing games and laughing so much, then Andrew and Adam went into the kitchen to prepare an amazing buffet tea as I wanted it to be for his lovely g/friend too as she is mum to sweet little Izzy.

I had so many lovely gifts.  This is from lovely husband Andrew (Andy) for when I'm feeling Mary Poppins... ish.

Imogen gave me this book, I think it's amazing, such a good idea

Each double page has a question for me to answer about all sorts of things from my childhood to hers. When it's finished I'll give it back to imogen to keep. Here's an example, not too clear I'm afraid.

 I was thoroughly spoilt...

 I taught myself to crochet last year. I saw a pattern for a Granny Square cushion in a magazine and took the plunge. I remember how the first square took a couple of hours to make, but I gradually got quicker as the hook and stitches felt more familiar. I do remember thinking there were a lot of ends though...

It looks much nicer this way up!

I was so excited that I had mastered the squares, that instead of sewing in all the ends and finishing it off, I was too impatient to move on and crochet something else. So I'm doing it now, it would be a shame not to finish my first crochet project.

The puppies have their eyes open. They have grown so much, prepare for more puppy photos...

Gary... bored of all the puppy fuss

Take care

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring, soup and puppies

It's hard to think about much else rather than our sweet little puppies at the moment. I find myself passing through the dining room and pausing to give mum a stroke then before I know it, time has passed by while I've been sat just gazing at those small dark bundles, watching them crawl all over each other looking for a warm place to cuddle in, sleeping or crawling into their mother's furry tummy to sniff out her milk.

It looked like 4 black pups when they arrived, but now it appears to be 2 black and 2 brown and black ones.

Mollie is able to leave them for a little longer now as they sleep for longer between feeding. She's a very good mother though, never too far away and not letting poor dad get a look in.

They've grown so much already, it's amazing.

Look at that teeny mouth... OK... is this too many puppy photos! You can just see the paler markings above one of the puppy's eyes - just like his dad!

Meanwhile, more life is happening outside. Imogen planted lots of bulbs in the Autumn, and we are now seeing them strong and true, reaching up to the sun.

I can see these shoots from my kitchen window, and can't wait to see them all grown and in flower. Imogen planted so many, I can't remember what's there!

What else have I been up to? Soup... I love making my own soup. I've never tried French Onion soup, so thought I'd try making some.

It was the easiest soup I've made. Chopping lots of onion, and caramelising them with some butter, olive oil and a pinch of brown sugar.

I also added some garlic, well it is so good for you - yum! All that was left was to stir in my vegetable stock and a couple of table spoons of flour to thicken.

Best served with homemade bread, toasted with cheese.

Take care