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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Keeping Warm

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, they're very appreciated and every one made me smile as I read them.

I'm glad my birthday was when it was as we've all been struck down with hacking coughs and colds since then. Andrew started it off and passed it along, temperatures, headaches, sore throats, coughs and runny noses. It seems to be passing just leaving the horrible coughs (they always seem to linger), but meant half term was a bit of a washout and we spent most of our time in the house watching films, reading, eating homemade soup and keeping warm.

I'm discipling myself to stay with stitching Zackary's Christmas stocking and not to start any more stitching projects until this one is finished... even though I can hear them calling for me...

Still quite a bit to do, but it's really taking shape now.

To give my eyes a break from the stitching, I've started to crochet another blanket, something for my hands to do in an evening when we sit down to watch TV.

I have my first Hyacinth bulbs of the year growing in a pot

We're not the only ones staying in the warm, these 3 just wouldn't smile for the camera today.

Little Gary (the white one) doesn't like to go outside without his jumper on and likes to nestle up next to Honey and Alfie. I've put an old cushion in their bed to make it more snug.

Hope you're all keeping nice and snug too.

Take care

Friday, 9 February 2018

What a Wonderful Day

It was my birthday on Wednesday, a milestone one, I'm half a century! I had the most wonderful day, spending it with my favourite people, my lovely family who thoroughly spoilt me.

I had breakfast in bed, some tasty kippers. I couldn't remember the last time I had them, I'm the only one who likes them so it felt like quite a treat. I stayed in bed with a nice cup of tea to open my cards and some of my presents, I even had a badge to wear!

When I was ready, the curtains to the conservatory were opened to reveal a very special present from my parents. I was absolutely blown away, a new scooter covered in balloons and banners, what an amazing start to the day. It's more than just a scooter, it's trips to the park with little Zackary, dog walks, trips to the local shops and so much more.

I had a nice cosy afternoon with Andrew and we watched Oliver so I could warble along with all the brilliant songs. Adam came in the afternoon with Zack, Holly and Izzy came later on and we all sat down to a party tea prepared by Andrew and Imogen with all my favourite party food, homemade potato salad, gammon and lots of other bits and pieces.

It was made even more special by Zack being able to join us at the table in the new highchair we had just bought him, though he was more of an observer than participant as he had just eaten his own yummy pureed vegetables and isn't quite old enough for finger food yet.

Imogen had spotted these little '50' sequins so had bought them to scatter over the table, a thoughtful little gesture, my sweet girl. I've saved some for when I do some scrapbooking.

The perfect accompaniment to my birthday tea, a lovely strong cup of tea in a bone china cup and saucer, I drank few of these.

Adam has a friend who makes the most delicious cakes, so between them, Andrew had secretly arranged for Adam's friend, Laura, to surprise me with this amazing cake. The actual cake is the most scrumptious Victoria sponge, my favourite. Even the numbers and the 'balls of wool' had sponge in them, what a clever lady Laura is (and green is my favourite colour).

The lights were turned off while everyone sang happy birthday and the cake was brought through with these amazing coloured candles, the flames were all different colours too, I haven't seen candles like this before.

More cups of tea and some cake followed by lots of special family time, what a wonderful day I had.

I had the best day ever and received so many lovely presents, I'll show you some of them another time.

Take care