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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas countdown and sticky fingers!

Hello, how is everyone? Thank you for all the well wishes, I have my girl back home again. She had a wonderful time dry skiing, canoeing, rock climbing, shelter building, night orienteering and more! Not bad for a primary school trip! Unfortunately she was very poorly when she came home, but is feeling much better now :)

Is everyone busy making preparations for Christmas? I've been busy making some bits and pieces, though unfortunately my to do list is far longer than my actually achieved list (and I have a feeling it may always be that way)!

I bought a gorgeous little owl yesterday, I just wish I could have another one facing the other way as they would make such a lovely pair.

We've put our wreaths up near to Imogen's countdown (27 days, though only a couple until she can have her advent calendars).

Imogen was helping me with another project I'm doing, and Daddy decided that she was missing out an important childhood experience... Do you remember getting sticky fingers at school using glue and peeling it off like a second skin? Well Andy went the whole way and painted Imogen's hand with glue...

I'm afraid I was a bit of a spoilsport and it was washed off before it had a chance to dry properly (because he coated it with so much) because it was teatime!

Maybe another time :)

Take care

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Leaning Tower of Squares

Hello and thank you for all your lovely comments, I really feel like I'm getting to know and make new friends, thank you :)

It's a funny week as our beautiful daughter has gone away with her school for a week. She left Monday morning and will back at the end of the school day on Friday. It's an adventure week full of exciting activities. She didn't get much sleep on Sunday night as her little tummy was churned up with anticipation, excitement and a bit of nervous anxiety! We did have a lovely cuddle in bed on Monday morning and to make it different for her and a bit special, Andrew brought her breakfast in our bed... oh I miss her, she seems to be growing up so fast.

I think she looks so sweet and can't wait to have her safely home again telling us all about it, it feels odd at night time when we go to bed, not to be checking her and giving her extra kisses :)

Do you remember the green squares I was crocheting? I've finally finished crocheting around them all in cream and I'm about to start crocheting them together... thus the leaning tower of squares...

My bag is full,

so I feel I have to finish them before I can start something else... oh I am good.... OK, I may have actually started something else too... I'm not sure how I feel about it though so will finish it off before I post some pics :)

Take care

Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas ribbons and more ribbons!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and thank you to everyone kind enough to follow my little blog - you all make me so happy :)

I can feel that tingle of excitement welling up in my tummy... Christmas is coming. I'm even getting excited and warm fuzzy feelings from some of the Christmas ads. I love the John Lewis snowman, so romantic, and the Tesco ad with the hubby fixing the drink, I'm even enjoying the Argos aliens who take everything so literally - I like when the dad knocks the snowman's arm off :)

Imogen has started her countdown. Every morning she rubs out the number and chalks in the new one... eek... 40 days... can you imagine, how will I get to Christmas Eve without bursting!!

I get like this every year, it's all the anticipation. I get so excited at the thought of giving my gifts and watching everyone's face light up. It's the 'familiness' of it all - love it so much!

We don't put our Christmas decorations up ourselves, the Christmas elves come and do it for us (this is where my husband would be saying 'I wish'). When we drive past other houses with Christmas lights Imogen usually comments how she hopes we're next on the list. It's so exciting for her to come downstairs and see the winter wonderland. Imogen's 10 now so we're trying to hold onto the last bit of magic, though our boy's 24 and he knows it's all magic... they just forget for a few years during the teen years :)

So, to the ribbons.

I bought a couple of polystyrene hoops last week, and I have so many ribbons... so... Christmas wreaths.

A bit time consuming, but I think they look effective, use up ribbon odds and ends (fabric too) and are just so simple to make.

Don't be fooled into thinking I'm doing a nice symmetrical design, ha... ! I don't even try after the first few :)

Here's the back, the polystyrene is almost covered

Reds, greens and golds, very traditional

I found some pretty Christmas ribbon with lots of Father Christmas heads.

It doesn't get to stay up there yet, the elves will come and put it up with everything else when they come.

Take care

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Actifry Chicken

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for all your lovely comments and well wishes. I get so excited when people leave comments on my little blog and look forward to reading them. I'm feeling much better now (I'm dressed in proper clothes not pjs... yeahhh) and will start catching up with everyone else's blogs again - I've missed reading about all your happenings :)

I thought I'd show you something else cooked in the actifry besides chips today. Last night's tea was some yummy 'fried' chicken drumsticks with some mash, sweetcorn and coleslaw.

I used some herbs and spices

Chicken drumsticks. Andrew prefers white meat, but enjoys these as they're so juicy and full of flavour, I prefer dark meat as I find it has more flavour, generally meat on the bone tends to be more flavoursome.

They were given a light coating before popping in the actifry.

Then just straight in, switch on and set the timer for 30 minutes, no other settings to worry about.

Couldn't be any simpler, and very moist, well cooked (so important with chicken) and full of flavour. Fried chicken, but healthily cooked with only a teaspoon of oil!

Take care

Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Bonfire Night

I've not been around much lately, not felt like blogging due to lots of family happenings and then each of us going down like flies!

Andy and Imo have gone back to school today, both still a bit sniffly but much better. I'm still a bit out of sorts and feeling tired out now after cooking Mama's Bonfire Banger for tea tonight - it's my sausage chilli pasta bake, causes fireworks in the mouth!!!!!

I've been crocheting while I've been snuggled up under lots of blankets. I found some lovely green wool that I've been making into Granny Squares. I asked Andy to take a photo for me... he took lots :)

I'm now doing a couple of rounds of cream around each square, then I have lots of flowers to make. I've just got some patterns to make some snowflakes so plan to start them soon, lots to do.

Keep safe tonight and keep the pets safe - it can be a scary time for them with all the loud bangs, and have lots of un if you're going to watch the fireworks :)

Take care