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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Growing in the Garden

After being struck down with a nasty case of food poisoning (knocked me off my feet for a couple of weeks) I thought I should start venturing out again. So clad in my comfy jimmyjams with the sun shining brightly, I took a walk around the garden to see how things are doing.

I love our Clematis, the flowers are such a rich creamy, milky white. It's growing just outside the conservatory so can be appreciated from indoors as well as out.

I think it looks lovely next to the bright red splash from the Geranium

I'm hoping (not very green fingers crossed) that as Summer comes there'll be some lovely blooms flowing down from the basket to say hello to the Clematis...

 Andy put this basket up for me outside the kitchen window. It seems to be thriving and hopefully we'll see some colour here soon

Some nice flowers to draw the eye away from the pipes

Ooh... another Geranium

 The dogs have been eyeing up the Strawberry plant...  quite a few flowers now...

 Some pots have had to go back in the greenhouse because they seem to be making extra comfortable seats for the dogs... squashed plants... They've grown a bit more now so can probably come back out now.

 Here's the upside down tomato plant

 It actually seems to be bigger than the upright ones

Cucumber in the corner next to the Garlic.

Lettuce and peas

and a pepper plant

A courgette... just one after the year we planted 3 and became overwhelmed with courgettes!

Everything seems to be growing well. It's the colour I love, looking out the window and seeing the flowers, also it's so rewarding when you eat something you've grown from seed yourself.

Take care