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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fireplace Makeover

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post. It really was a beautiful place to visit.

We've recently decorated our living room. It really needed a spruce up and was one of those jobs that kept being put off, mainly because it meant moving the (very) heavy sofa, taking the TV down from the wall and all the preparation. We bit the bullet, went and bought the paint and it didn't take as long as we thought it would - I'm not good with the chaos that decorating can bring, but it was relatively painless.

The only thing left to do was the fire surround. We were very lucky that we picked it up free from free cycle several years ago. I should have taken a before picture, but as it was spur of the moment I'll have to rely on an older photo of it.

I think it's made from resin and had a stone effect to it. Very neutral, matching the decor around it.

Our colour scheme has changed, 3 walls are a very pale grey up to the picture rails, then white above and the other wall is a darker grey. I also bought new grey curtains, the sofa and carpet are neutral, furniture white. The fireplace looked old and a bit insipid.

So I thought I'd give this a try

The cap feels and looks as the paint should. We weren't sure if it would 'take' but the instructions listed most surfaces, so worth a try!

The hardest part was lugging it outside to be sprayed. It's extremely heavy and had to be inched through the house and out of the garden into our 10 foot (I think this is a local word, it's the space between the houses leading to garages other 10 foots.... you still with me!)

Husband leant it against our fence on some cardboard leftover packaging...

He sprayed and sprayed, then had to nip back to B&Q for a second can, then sprayed some more...

There are a few ridges, nooks and crannies that the paint needed to get into, but it went on well

We left it to dry for a couple of hours, then brought it inside to finish drying overnight.

I'm so thrilled with it, it looks like a new piece of furniture, and doesn't look 'painted' at all

It has the 'roughness' as if it really were stone, but is still smooth enough to make it easy to wipe over and keep clean.

Next on the list is a new hearth, but that will have to wait a bit. For now I'm more than happy with my 'new' fireplace.

Take care

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Anne Bronte in Scarborough

Hello lovely people... is anyone still out there, I do hope so!

I want to tell you about our lovely day out on Sunday. We have a very good friend visiting from America, it was a glorious day so we drove up to Scarborough.

We went to see Anne Bronte's grave

It sits in a small graveyard across the road from St Mary's church. The graves there are very weathered and worn. I hadn't realised when we were going in there that the path was actually old graves that had worn smooth over time. I find it a bit sad, it's a reminder how little our time is, I hope the people whose lives they marked had good lives and were loved.

There's a plaque in front of Annes grave so you can read what the original said

She was so young, but has made such a mark in the world. It was so lovely to see the flowers that were placed on her grave.

Across a small road is the church of St Mary c1150

It's only just down the (very steep) road from Scarborough castle and has a fascinating history.

The highlights from the plaque:

c1150 - church of St Mary's built.

1201 - King John visited St Mary's

1400-1600s - 6 sieges against the castle, some which had disastrous consequences for St Mary's.

1645 - Parliamentarians gained access into the church with 2 canon to attack the castle. As a result of exchange of fire with the royalists in the castle "Great mischief was done to St Mary's".

These are what's left of the original walls

Inside the church were too lovely ladies selling refreshments, I had a very 'refreshing' cup of tea then a wander around to see Anne Bronte's corner. Her death certificate is in a frame

next to it is a small explanation

There's also some information about the Bronte family and Anne's death and connection to Scarborough.

It was all so interesting. Really recommend popping in to have a look if you're near the area. The sense of history alone (the castle up the road is 3000 years old) makes it a worthwhile visit and there's always the sandy beach as well as many other attractions to spend a day visiting.

Take care