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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chickens' Dinner

That wasn't chicken dinner! We don't have a very big garden at all, but we do have a couple of chickens in it. I like Sundays, nice, quiet family days and we have our family roast dinner on a Sunday afternoon, the chucks have theirs too - lots of peelings from the carrots, swede and sprouts

They have their own personalities, Bella and Sylvie, and follow Andy round the garden waiting for him to feed them. He'll often come in saying Sylvie did so and so or Bella did this, that or the other... I know he loves those chickens, and we get fresh eggs too!

 I had to take a picture of my latest buy, my Portobello Road goodies, I love the colours (as well as the patriotism of course!). Not sure what I'll be using them for yet, just something to add to the stash. We do have the diamond jubilee this year, so maybe some scrapping then. I took 2 photos as Sassy crept into the first one :)

Take care

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Granny Squares

Things have been a bit up and down the last couple of weeks, I've been full of cold and we had some bad news to deal with. My cold is slowly clearing and the horrid stuff is being dealt with (though I prefer Scarlet's way of 'I'll think about that tomorrow').

To much happier things, I've been looking around blogland, admiring gorgeous crochet projects and feeling very inspired by lots of clever, crafty folk out there. I finished the Granny Squares I'd been doing, lots of bright, funky colours, and then crocheted them together ready to make a cushion cover.

The only downside was what felt like a tremendous amount of 'ends' to sew in, I'm trying to learn from this and sew them in as I go along in future. It gave me such a sense of achievement to do this, so good to learn a new skill, especially one I've been meaning to learn for such a long time!

So now I've gone Granny Square mad...

It may look like a jumbled pile, but I am a woman with a plan... well sort of, nice throws to snuggle under. And look, Honey and Molly are already practising their snuggling... on my lap so I have to stay sat here and crocheting!

Take care

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Big Yea

I'm so pleased. I can knit, but I can't crochet..... well I couldn't this morning, but I can now... big yea for me :))  I spent this afternoon struggling with some yarn and a crochet hook, some tutorials from you tube and Imogen's 'Kids Learn to Crochet' book that we bought her for Christmas.  Here are my first attempts

I really wanted to crochet some Granny Squares, so maybe I can make a cushion with them. I've managed a few squares, which makes me very happy as a complete novice!

It looks so sweet!!

Take Care

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I've had a good day, been treated... always a nice thing to happen, I'm a lucky girl :)  I bought 2 magazines today, 'Simply Homemade' and a new magazine 'The Art of Quilting'. Both have very yummy free gifts, a flower making loom, and squares of fabric with thread and needles.

I also braved the weather to look for some jumpers to felt. We went in 2 charity shops, and found 3 in one of them, feeling very pleased with my finds and looking forward to working with them, just need a couple more colours...

Take care

New Plans

The Christmas holidays are nearly over, Imogen will be going back to school on Thursday and I shall miss her. She had a lovely day today playing with a friend and big brother was here for tea followed by a game and lots of shrieking! We had the Shepherd's pie...

I'm hoping tomorrow that I might get to go shopping for some used jumpers. I'll have to see how bad the winds are (it's been terrible today, poor wee Gary couldn't go on a walk in case he ended up as a kite). I really want to have a go at felting, so need to hunt for some woolly jumpers with colours that will inspire me (and that Imogen will like too) so we can start some new projects.

Thinking about new projects, I love this book my hubby bought me for Christmas, Applique for Little Ones by Sylvie Blondeau. It has some really sweet ideas, I love the dollshouse and hope to get round to it at some point!

Take care

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Being Prepared

Being very good as it's the start of a new year, trying to be more organised, hopefully it will continue... Shepherds Pie for tea tomorrow evening, the mince and veg and cooked and in a pan ready, so all I'll have to do tomorrow is skim the fat (yuck, but rather do that than eat it, and it can be quite satisfying when it's gone) and the potatoes.

Still working on Imogen and knitting, but today she's been sewing - makes my heart happy :)

Take care