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Saturday, 18 July 2015

A 1950's Dreamhouse

I found this pretty kitchen while ambling along being nosey at other people's interiors. It's been untouched for over 60 years (well I'm not saying it hasn't been kept clean, just not updated) and I think it's so pretty. Apparently the pink was very popular in the 1950's because of Maime Eisenhower, so it was often referred to in the US as Maime Pink and was very popular due to housewives wanting to emulate their first lady.

It was full of state of the art appliances that still had their instruction manuals with them.

I think though that the above pictures are a far cry from what would have been in my grandparents kitchens at the time. Colour would have been the least of their concerns, I imagine they probably wouldn't have even owned a fridge and a dishwasher would have been unimaginable!

I also found this pretty, well kept house. It was last decorated by the owner in the 1950's and '60's, and according to google was in the house owner's favourite colours.

A beautiful entrance hall, so light, bright and welcoming

I would be too nervous to touch anything here for fear of making a mess, it's like a show home

Everything is so pretty and goes together so well

I think many people would be glad to have this kitchen today!

Pretty little breakfast nook, I showed this to my husband and he just said 'no' without me saying anything else! Bit too pink and too much frou-frou for him I think.

Not sure about the carpet in here, but still pretty colours

I can't imagine how house looking as tidy as this in every room at the same time, I think we have more of a 'lived in' look... hehe!

Off to enjoy a bowl of cherries

Have a good weekend
Take care

Friday, 10 July 2015

Flower Posies

After reading your lovely comments on my last post about my Sweet Peas, I thought I should get out there and pick some, so now we can have the loveliness of them continuing to flower outside and their delicate prettiness and perfume inside too.

 They aren't very long so I popped them in an old school milk bottle, this posy will sit on the kitchen windowsill

While I had the garden scissors out... wahhhh ha ha.... I thought I pick some more for the sitting room. We only have a couple of Sweet Williams that have flowered, but I thought they'd look lovely in my old jug

Popped some Daisies and Lavender in there too so it wasn't too sparse.

They look really pretty on the mantelpiece and it feels extra special because they grew in our garden.

We've built a second raised bed with sleepers. I'm really pleased with it and it's growing some sprouts, broccoli and red onions for us. I also put 3 sunflowers along the back.

We seem to be avoiding the slugs and snails this year (usually our Sunflowers are stripped bare when they get planted out), but they aren't thriving... the stalks look nice and strong, but the leaves, particularly the lower ones, are wilting. They get plenty of water, so I'm not sure why it's happenning - any advice very welcome.

While I was taking photos of the bed, I thought I'd take one of the Flamingoes... I love them!

Hubby really wasn't sure when I whipped them off the shelf, but has grown to like them. They make me smile when I see them.

Back to the dead heading and weeding then...

Take care

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Giraffe and This or That

I've barely touched my laptop recently, the weather has been so beautiful that I've wanted to soak up as much sunshine as possible. I'm to be found either in the garden or in an evening, in the conservatory with the doors flung wide open, rain or shine.

The garden is a riot of colour, I get so much pleasure from just looking at it. It's our first year growing Sweet Peas, and they're scrambling up the fence, such a pretty mosaic of colours, and they smell divine.

We shall definitely be growing more next year, perhaps all along the fence, it'll be beautiful!

I've kept my hook busy too, it's been so nice to have some time to sit and crochet outside. I've whipped up a giraffe, if I make another one I'll make the neck a bit longer I think. He he is sitting among the flowers

A cosy up with my Blythe beauties

And another one by himself, stretching his legs in the sun.

I've also managed to finish my shawl for wearing in the garden in an evening. It's been so useful to have something light to throw round my shoulders when we sit outside in an evening

I used the new Stylecraft doubleknit colours. It's a simple Granny Stripe triangle, clusters of 3 trebles except at the beginning and end of each row, which is 4 trebles.

Such a simple item and it makes me happy and keeps me warm.

As it's swinging between brilliant sunshine and torrential downpours, I think I'll stay inside now and catch up on some blog reading.

Take care