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Saturday, 18 July 2015

A 1950's Dreamhouse

I found this pretty kitchen while ambling along being nosey at other people's interiors. It's been untouched for over 60 years (well I'm not saying it hasn't been kept clean, just not updated) and I think it's so pretty. Apparently the pink was very popular in the 1950's because of Maime Eisenhower, so it was often referred to in the US as Maime Pink and was very popular due to housewives wanting to emulate their first lady.

It was full of state of the art appliances that still had their instruction manuals with them.

I think though that the above pictures are a far cry from what would have been in my grandparents kitchens at the time. Colour would have been the least of their concerns, I imagine they probably wouldn't have even owned a fridge and a dishwasher would have been unimaginable!

I also found this pretty, well kept house. It was last decorated by the owner in the 1950's and '60's, and according to google was in the house owner's favourite colours.

A beautiful entrance hall, so light, bright and welcoming

I would be too nervous to touch anything here for fear of making a mess, it's like a show home

Everything is so pretty and goes together so well

I think many people would be glad to have this kitchen today!

Pretty little breakfast nook, I showed this to my husband and he just said 'no' without me saying anything else! Bit too pink and too much frou-frou for him I think.

Not sure about the carpet in here, but still pretty colours

I can't imagine how house looking as tidy as this in every room at the same time, I think we have more of a 'lived in' look... hehe!

Off to enjoy a bowl of cherries

Have a good weekend
Take care


  1. What beautiful rooms! Love the pink appliances. Enjoy your cherries. We purchased some at the farmer's market and plan to have them for dessert tonight.

  2. It was a blast from the past. Loved all the formica tops I can remember having tops like that as young girl. Loved all the pink appliances.

    1. Pink and pastel colours are quite popular for kitchens now too x

  3. We definitely have a lived in look and a lot less pink although that kitchen is amazing.

  4. Cool interiors, thanks for sharing great photos x

  5. What a blast from the past. A pink range! Who knew?

  6. Oh wow, that pink US kitchen is amazing! It seems to take decades for the same things to catch on the built in hob and the behind doors side by side fridge freezer....sure we didn't get those til the 80s or 90s!! Loved seeing the Barbie house too!!! Too pretty pretty for me! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos!
    Gill xx

  7. I definitely have the 'lived in look' off to a tee! x

  8. Oh my goodness...apart from the style it looks like it's just been decorated! Why do my rooms look worn out after only a couple of years ;) xxx

  9. Ha ha, I laughed at your husband's response, even before you'd said anything.

  10. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, I loved seeing them! The rooms look so colourful and so perfect! I do love pink but don't have a pink kitchen myself.....and I have just been tidying our kitchen up today to try and make it look less lived in!
    Helen xox

  11. What a wonderful house!!! It really is amazing that all the details are still there and so well cared for!!! My husband would have said something similar to yours! xx

  12. Wow! Amazing home. It doesn't look lived in...just for show.

  13. Hello, I just discovered your blog via my bloglovin stats. It's so nice to meet you. I love this kitchen as it brings back so many memories. My parents had a kitchen almost identical to this one in the early 60's except the color was turquoise. And, as to the home's interior, I love this style of decorating (maybe a bit too much pink). I grew up with modern, sleek lines of Danish modern so my taste likea the classic, French, embellished look. Old fashioned by today's standards. Have a wonderful week.

  14. Hello! Just adore the fifties style, and love the beautiful houses you've shown! I don't think I'd feel comfortable in them though - everything is so pristine! I love the comfort of a lived in home, where i don't feel guilty about touching things.......!
    The Cherri's look delicious - hope you enjoyed them! The blackbirds have stripped all our cherry trees bare - and with no regard for my washing........!
    Take care - have a lovely week!

  15. Unbelievable!! Can't ever imagine having a pink kitchen. I did have a pink bedroom many years ago.

  16. Your name has been picked out for the RAK. Can you please let me have your address so that I can send the parcel to you.

  17. Oh my goodness!!! I'm in love with every single photo!!! The pink is adorable!!! I love the updated pink refrigerators that you can purchase nowadays but there's nothing like that old retro style!!! I was watching a home renovations show the other day and they took down this adorable pink tile in the bathroom and I almost cried!! I have very fond memories of baking cookies with my great grandmother in her tiny pink kitchen. What I wouldn't do to spend a day with her in that kitchen today!! : ) Thanks for such a wonderful post!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  18. Wow, that kitchen! It's really something. I don't know if I could live with so much of one colour though, it might become a bit stifling. But what a fabulous piece of history, and so well preserved. x

  19. Umm, why I can see it has a certain appeal it is far too pink and feminine for me. I would feel like I was living in Barbie's house. Thanks for sharing
    Caz xx


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