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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Some Finished Work and Some Good News

I finished my snuggly blanket last week, it really is the softest, most snuggly one I think I've made. I shall definitely be using the Flutterby or similar type yarn again.

I used 3 different shades of pink, random stripes of light pink, a darker pink and a mixed one (James C Brett Flutterby, chunky. Colours B23, B12 and B2) dark pink as the border.

It's big enough to cover our kingsize bed though it's presently being used in the sitting room, over my legs in an evening. I'm hoping we won't need the heating switched on for a few weeks yet, so the throws come in handy (I do think it's quite mild still).

Imogen has been casting her eye over it while stroking it. She has pink in her bedroom so says it would look better in there, I think I shall be saying goodbye to it soon.

I needed something to keep my hands busy during the week so thought I'd make a start on a Christmas decoration. A Christmas tree with presents under it, cross stitched on plastic canvas, nice and simple, didn't take long.

It was a little kit from Amazon with everything included. It even had the threads pre sorted, which is unusual. I had hoped to spend an evening doing it while I watched TV, but constantly had my glasses pushed up on my forehead to be able to see it clearly, so then couldn't see the TV! I started wearing my first pair of varifocals last year and may need a new pair already... sigh....

When it was finished I snipped around the picture with a small pair of scissors, but I don't think you can tell in the pictures with the white background. I was slightly nervous doing it in case I accidentally cut through a thread.

It just need a little piece of red ribbon looped at the top so it can be hung on a tree.

My good news this week is about our lovely daughter Imogen. There was a ceremony at school today. parents were invited and the children chosen to be prefects were given their badges. I'm so proud of my girl, not only does she work hard, but she also has a good attitude to go alongside the effort. Well done Imogen!

Take care

Monday, 19 September 2016

A Bit of Green

Hello lovely people. I'm trying to make sure I publish a post at least once a week, trying to get back into the flow of blogging again. I meant to write a post yesterday, but by the time Sunday lunch had been cleared away and games played, well I just don't know where the day went!

Not too much happening here, I'm beavering away finishing my pink, snuggly blanket that I showed you the other week. I'm crocheting the border now, then the ends need sewing in and it will be finished. I'm hoping by the time Cold Feet has finished on TV tonight (I'm so happy that it's been brought back) I will have completed it, that's the plan.

In the meantime, I've had a little potter in the garden, oh my there was a lot of weeding to be done. All the rain is great for the plants, but unfortunately great for the weeds too. I made a good start, but really it needs more to clear everything before we tuck it all in for the winter.

While I was out there I saw loads of beautiful spider webs. They had tiny rain droplets on them from the downpour earlier on, but were so fine that my camera hasn't really picked any of them up well enough for me to show you, except these few

I'm not a big spider fan, especially inside the house, but they do such an amazing job catching all the nasties that it's good to see there are plenty about.

With the weather starting to get a bit more autumnal, we'll be spending more time with the plants inside. I like to see a bit of greenery indoors, it's so good for the air and brightens things up. We don't have very many houseplants so perhaps should find some space for a couple more. I do have a couple of trays on my kitchen windowsill that have baby sedums in them, but they're still very young. Here are a couple of favourite cacti bowls.

They live with us in the sitting room, not the sunniest spot, but they seem to be doing OK so far. I do feed them now and again with a drop of cacti feeder.

Also in the sitting room we have a spider plant (it's sister lives in the kitchen)

and a beautiful fern

I don't know what this next one is called? She lives in the kitchen and also appears to be doing OK, trailing down next to my pot and pans. Is it a type of ivy perhaps?

I'm going back to my crochet so I can stay on track for finishing it tonight, I think I can get a good 10 minutes in before starting tonight's meal.

Take care

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Amazon Wish list

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, it's so lovely to read them and interesting to hear how similar some of our Sundays are.

Today I thought I'd share some of my ideas for what I'm hoping Father Christmas may bring me this year. I find the easiest way to do it is keep a list on Amazon, those very accommodating people let you add things to your list that you may have spotted somewhere else even if they don't sell it. I  also like that I can have as many lists as I like, so I have one with ideas for my daughter, one for my son and one for my husband (I keep his listed as private so he can't take a sneak peek). It doesn't mean we do all our shopping at Amazon either, I'll perhaps list a book I'm interested in then hubby may source it somewhere else, especially if he can find a better price. It just means I'm very lucky and receive presents that I really like....

The first present my husband ever bought me...

Yes, you're right, an iron! Not that particular make or model, but it was an iron, I managed to contain my excitement! I do have to say though that he has more than made up for this in the many years since... with the help of lists and a gentle nudge in the right direction.

This is a book I'm hoping I may be lucky enough to receive this year

Here's the blurb:

Welcome to the whimsical world of Hatched and Patched designer Anni Downs. Whether you love applique, patchwork, punchneedle, or hand stitchery, you'll find the perfect project in this diverse array of quilts, sewing accessories, bags, and home accents.

Definitely one I think I'd get a lot from.Does anyone have a copy? If so, have you found it useful?

How about this beauty?


Indulge in the sentimental pleasures of stitcheries with wistful vintage artistry. Inspired by nature and stitched with the gentle romance of days gone by, noted artist Kathy Schmitz creates designs that use simple embroidery to create thoughtful keepsakes.

I feel quite inspired just looking at the pictures.

I'm also hoping for this beautiful little starfish ear cuff. It's a wraparound one so doesn't need a pierced ear.

 I love starfish, it looks so pretty.

Also, this sweet cross stitch picture. It's counted cross stitch which I love to do, just the thing for a winter's evening.

I keep looking at these

pads to use while blocking my knitting or crochet. I've seen some children hopscotch ones which would work just as well.

This is on my wishlist, but not for now, I'm hoping to treat myself to a scented climbing rose next Spring to climb over our small pergola/arch.

We did look at some during the summer, but didn't see any that were right. Most of the climbers we looked at weren't scented. I did plant a Morning Glory on one side though, it's already reached the top of one side and has lovely big blue flowers that are shaped like bells. I shall be asking for advice when it comes to choosing our roses. I've heard good things about David Austin roses?

Anyway, that's a few of the things on my wishlist. What sorts of things do other people hope to receive, or any really inspired gifts you've received in the past.... anyone else get an iron?

Take care

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunday Afternoon

We are on the countdown to the beginning of the new school year, back to school on Tuesday. My daughter will be going into year 10, wow, hard to believe. I was ironing some name tags into her school blazer, tie and shirts the other day thinking how I've been doing this for around 24 years now, only one more year of doing it left (she won't be wearing school uniform in her 6th form).

There isn't much excitement from Imogen about going back to school, early mornings and homework (though I know she's looking forward to catching up with everyone again), but I shall welcome back the routine and structure that seems to dwindle over the holidays. I love the holidays, love having my girl at home so much more and love the summer, but I'm ready for the change now. Ready for Autumn then Winter, ready to start cooking lots of warm dinners and curling up cosily as the nights draw in.

Sundays become one of my favourite days, spending time preparing the dinner

I enjoy sitting in the kitchen with a nice cup of tea, peeling all the veg while I listen to the radio

Followed by a tasty Sunday roast

My son comes to visit in the afternoon, arrives in time to enjoy a good family meal.We all sit round the table chatting and laughing. Even though we speak everyday, there's always things to catch up with or remember.

After the clearing away (doesn't take long if everyone pitches in) we choose a boardgame to play. We don't do this as much in the Summer as we tend to go out more, even if it's to sit in the garden. Today we dug out the Monopoly, haven't played this one for a long time.

Mitzi decided to take a walk across the table, perhaps she was thinking of investing in some property!

 After we've eaten and played our game, we move into the sitting room, sometimes a film is put on. Today we spent time chatting while I continued with my latest crochet. It wasn't a planned project, but I fell in love with the wool, its Flutterby chunky by James Brett. It's so soft it makes you want to stroke it and is perfect for a blanket to curl up under when it gets colder.

It's coming along well, the chunky wool means it grows quite quickly.

I'm using 3 colours and making random stripes.

It's getting long, covers my toes...

Well that's my Sunday, all that's left is to watch Victoria tonight (I'm really enjoying it), then catch up with Poldark on IPlayer, I do love Sundays.

Take care