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Friday, 18 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Films

We have a few Christmas films on dvd that get rolled out every year, the family favourites. School has finished for Christmas now so it's time to start our festive build up with some films.

I think my favourite that we watch every year has to be 'Its a Wonderful Life. It often ends up just being me and Andrew who watch this one.

It's a black and white film, but there are colourised versions too and it's with the wonderful James Stewart. The ultimate feel good film, a story about love, family and community

George Bailey is in trouble, but the angels have heard all the prayers as those around him ask for him to be helped. We see a quick retelling of the highlights of George's life before the angel Clarence is sent down to help him.

Poor Clarence doesn't have his wings yet, so hopefully he can help George and earn them. 'Everytime a bell rings, an angel's got it's wings'

One of our other favourites has to be 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'

I love it, from the wonderful village of Whoville with it's Christmas crazy inhabitants to the excellent grumpy Grinch who has a heart 2 sizes too small...

It's a feel good movie (just as I like Christmas films to be), the Whos in Whoville are overtaken by the commercialism of Christmas, all except little Cindylou, she wants to know what it's all about, what it really means.

I'm not a big Jim Carrey fan and often find him far too over the top for me, but he is wonderful as the Grinch, horribly 'grinchy' but also sympathetic (and I think the make up is amazing)

Another that gets played every year here is 'Deck the Halls'. A jolly jape with Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito.

Broderick plays Steve, he has a schedule to keep to so he can make it a perfect Christmas for his family, whether they think it's perfect or not!

Danny DeVito is 'Danny', all he wants is for his house to be seen from space... what could go wrong...

We always watch 'Scrooge', it's always been hubby's favourite Christmas film and Imogen loves it too. There are a few versions, but our favourite is the musical version with Albert Finney and yes we all enjoy a good old singalong with it.

It's the Charles Dickens story 'A Christmas Carol', ghostly visitations

The epiphany for Scrooge as he realises the error of his ways and tries to make amends.

I can't make a list of our favourite Christmas films without adding 'Elf'.

Will Ferrell is a human brought up in the North Pole as an elf. He just doesn't fit in with the other elves, so when he finds out he's a human, he sets off to find his father.

Buddy the elf goes to New York where he sees things for the first time, revolving doors, the world's best cup of coffee and used chewing gum....

It's all about the Christmas spirit with plenty of laughs along the way.

There are so many brilliant Christmas films (and of course so many absolutely dire ones). I really feel I should have added the 'Santa Claus' trilogy (I do like to watch them while I do the wrapping up) and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation all about the family get togethers. but I have to stop somewhere or my list will go on and on!

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas build up, not getting stressed, just excited. Are you watching your favourite Christmas films too?

Take care

Monday, 7 December 2015

It's That Time of Year

I love Christmas, I love the preparation and the decorating. I think I have as much child like excitement now as I did when I was young, in fact now that I organise my own Christmases, I think I have even more!

We always put our decorations up when December arrives. It used to be done by the elves while we slept and Imogen would come down the next morning to a winter wonderland, looking to see where the elves and put everything. Now she's a bit older (sob), the elves don't come, but it's still as much fun doing it together.

We treated ourselves to a new tree this year, one to go in the dining room/snug. I choose a white one like we used to have when I was a child.

There isn't a great deal of room, so it's a nice narrow one. It looks gorgeous with all the lights twinkling, and these photos really don't do it justice at all.

Also new this year is my little nutcracker, a smart little fellow who makes me smile.

All the Christmas trimmings are out, lots of candles and fairy lights. The candy canes hanging from the mantle piece are stocking holders for Christmas Eve.

One of my favourite decorations is this small fireplace with it's stockings hanging down.

Here's my dish full of yummy, colourful chocolate coins.

I have been doing some crochet too, though not with much of a Christmas theme. Here's my parrot.

The light isn't very good,the colours are red, oranges and yellow, nice and bright.

He has long tail feathers that drape behind him.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Take care