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Saturday, 28 December 2013

It was a Happy Christmas

Big sigh.... it was wonderful, but now we're creeping back to normal again.

I love Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, and for me Christmas is December really. I think it's too much pressure to have over just one day and I love the preparation and anticipation.

Once the presents have been unwrapped and the dinner eaten, it feels like we've had Christmas, time then to reflect on the year.

Enjoy watching the ones I love playing with and looking at their presents and perhaps a game or two around the table.

My son's girlfriend had joked she needs a Dobby House elf to come and help her tidy up, so I made her one..

It was a nice easy pattern from Lucy Ravenscar, and I've heard on good authority that his getting well looked after!

My own little sweetheart had her heart set on a phone, but also has a love affair with minions..

I was a very lucky girl and have lots of lovely crafty books to show you in the new year.

Presents are being found homes for and slowly being put away, today is a quiet day spent looking at gifts and relaxing, just the two of us this afternoon as Imogen has an outing planned.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas

Take care

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Decorating the Tree

We decorated the tree and anywhere else we could last weekend, over a couple of days. Usually the Christmas elves come and do it while we're in bed so that Imogen can come downstairs in the morning to see a Christmas wonderland... magical.

This year (not the first time) we asked her if she'd like to go on the list for the elves to come or as she's a bit older would she like to decorate the tree herself.

Andy put the tree up and the lights, Imogen decorated the whole tree herself.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself and did a really good job.

Filling in the gaps, no branch left not sparkled!

When Imogen finished and had stood back to admire her handiwork, the grand placing of the fairy on top the tree moment arrived. Daddy lifted her onto the sofa and it was a shared job...

... taken very seriously.

I've finished most of my hand made Christmas gifts now (nothing like a bit of last minute panicking), but quickly whipped these for my sister to put in my niece's new dolls house for Christmas.

A little blanket and pillow

2 matching blankets with pillows for bunkbeds

Thought the blanket was missing something so popped a wee flower on it.

Sister would like some other bits and pieces, but have just received a request for a quick cardigan, so bits and pieces may have to be for the New Year.

8 more sleeps till Christmas!!!

Take care

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Goodbye Pigleticious

I feel I haven't written a post for ages, and I've missed it. Time flies as usual and most of my crafty endeavours  now are Christmas presents so I don't want to post pictures of them yet, so I don't have very much to show you.

Imogen is 11 now (my youngest baby) and we're starting to say goodbye to some of our Christmas traditions... how sad is that! This is the first year that Imogen's elf Pigleticious hasn't visited with his little bag of magic glitter dust.

He was a mischievous little elf, helping himself to Imogen's cereal

He would arrive with his passport every 1st December and the mayhem would begin when we were all tucked up in bed

Colouring the milk for breakfast... (I just couldn't bring myself to put this in my tea)

Snow angels in the flour

Sometimes he would involve others in his naughty antics, racing through the living room in our slippers

There were many goings on over the years that he visited, and he is going to be very missed

Though at least we won't have to worry about him toasting marshmellows in the living room over the tealights!

Goodbye Pigleticious

I'm happy to report though that Imogen asked me the other day 'we will be making reindeer food for Father Christmas' reindeer won't we?' We certainly will, my heart started to sing again.

Take care

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I heart Crochet

I've really enjoyed making my wreaths for Christmas so thought I'd try a different shape. I bought some hearts, did some crochet, added some ribbon and a tiny bell.

 It's smaller than my circular wreaths, but still a nice size to hang on the wall on as a decoration.

 Wonder what other shapes I can crochet around...  maybe I'm a yarn bomber in the making... no, too cold out there!

When I was tidying up my craft storage area (aka the dining room) I came across some sweet bird fabric. I'm not sure what the original plan for it was, if any, but thought it would look cute as part of a little owl.

They are rather sweet little birds aren't they. I thought they would be a bit overpowering on the front though, so used it for the back and the wings.

I have a basket with lots of felt pieces that need some attention, so I think I may spend this evening sewing something feltie!

Take care

Friday, 22 November 2013

A little more Christmas and a Bunny.

It always seems like there're weeks to pass until Christmas, then before we know it, it's just a couple and I still have lists of things to do. Oh how I wish I could be more organised, maybe that should be my thing to work on next year.

I'm trying to keep a bit more on top of things and last night made a little something for Imogen's stocking, and here's another Christmas wreath.

Not such traditional colours this time. I really like it, especially the big pom poms. I enjoy making them as it's easy to whip up without thinking about it too much!

 I have to show you my new little bunny rabbit.

 It's just so sweet (perhaps because it's really meant for a child) and sits on my hearth.

In an evening when the lamps are turned on, flames put on the fire and candles lit, he sits and glows.

Adding to the cosy feeling in these cold winter evenings.

Have a lovely weekend, keep nice and warm.

Take care

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Felt like trying...

Oh dear, I'm getting worse, I'm sorry. It was a bit too good to resist!

I've seen so many beautiful felted things, applique and 3d gorgeous things. I have a small amount of roving and needle, but just hadn't got around to trying it yet, I think I was a bit worried about not doing it right - the greatest reason ever not to try something... grrr...

I was feeling a bit off colour yesterday so darling husband bought me a little felting kit, a wee birdie (he knows I love birds). I set to with needle and roving, everything was supplied in the kit

It all fitted on a tray on my lap, so I could stay wrapped up on the sofa to keep warm

 It wasn't without it's dangers and craft related injuries soon appeared

 There are tiny barbs on the felting needle, so a bit ouchie when I stabbed myself, especially the fourth time, yes it took 4 times to learn my lesson...

It was very repetitive and took quite a while, but as with anything repetitive, it was also therapeutic.

making a wing

It just took some patience, but I found it rewarding watching the wool change from something loose to a firm shaped object.

My birdie

Not perfect, but I'm happy with how it turned out and amazed at the process and how the change happened.

I'm looking forward to trying something else.

Take care