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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Small stuff

Can't believe it's Wednesday already, how time flies! I've been spending some time in my craft room/cupboard... lol. It's so small, but I have all my papercrafting supplies in there and a dock for my ipod (and I can now put music on it... big step for me as I tend to be a bit technically challenged), it's quite easy to lose track of time and while away the hours. I've been doing lots of die cutting mainly to sell, just small bits and pieces like these cute teddies wrapped in their blankets.

I haven't done any scrapbooking for ages, so I plan to make a mini album to mark our couple days away during the Easter holidays. I have a new printer that my son bought me for my birthday specifically for my photos... just need to get to grips with it... seriously, I'm technically challenged!!!

I've also being doing a mini Granny Stripe blanket to go in a small dolls pram. The pram is red, so I've hooked a nice bright red blankie.

I just need to sew in the ends (tucked away in the second photo), and I think it'll look pretty with some small white crocheted flowers sewn on.

I have some new projects in mind. I'm looking forward to trying some amigurumi. These books arrived this morning

I love the small dogs, and made sure there are Chihuahuas and miniature Dachshunds in there for me to have a go at. It's so nicely presented as well, dogs sitting in baskets, on pillows and with teeny dog biscuits... I couldn't resist :) I'm just a bit nervous about following the patterns, it's very well illustrated, but I haven't followed patterns in symbols before - yikes! The other book is full of lots of little cute things too, and I think I may dip into that one first as the patterns are written, just to help build my confidence.

Ooh... this slipped in my shopping basket too. I've been looking at it for the last few months and finally gave in...

Just the tea cozy alone looks delicious, it has some gorgeous things inside from bags to blankets to a shawl, going to be a busy summer methinks!

Take care

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Holidays

We've just come home after a mini break away. We went to the west coast - Blackpool, Morecambe and into the beautiful Lake District - Kendal, Bowness and Windermere, Grasmere and Keswick. We packed up the car with much excitement, Imogen was laden down in the back with cds to listen to, her unicorn cushion, Hello Kitty blankie and cuddling her Jessica Rabbit that she made in Build a Bear last year.

We set off to Blackpool and ate a picnic at the sea front.

Blackpool Tower just coming into view
posing on the prom
We went to a few places and even met some famous people
With The Beatles
Lewis Hamilton
Peter Andre
It was very breezy, but the weather wasn't too bad. We had fish and chips on the seafront at Morecambe just by Eric Morecambe's statue.

Snuggled up in the hotel room, there was a bit of giggling before we went to sleep, and Imogen loved it

We were all overwhelmed by the amazing scenery as we went into Cumbria, and photos just don't do justice to how beautiful it is

We say fields of sheep with their baby lambs, and snow tipped hills , it was wonderful!

We also went to Beatrix Potter world, a magical place with peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin and lots more. Here are just a few photos

There was quite a bit of driving, but we packed so much in, even a quick visit to see Wordsworth's home

What a wonderful break, all refreshed and ready for the Spring now...

Take Care

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Girlie Times

It's the school Easter holidays, so time for some girlie pampering. I do like to paint my nails from time to time, and the odd sweep of nail art, but haven't tried this before

I thought they looked really pretty in the shop, delicate flowers and a pale pretty pink background.

I found them a bit fiddly to put on, and though I've had some good, positive comments, I'm not sure I'll use them again, we'll see.

Imogen had her hair curled, she loved it, lots of gorgeous ringlets. She has a poorly graze at the top of her nose - she banged it with her own knees on the trampoline, thank goodness she didn't give herself a couple of black eyes!

Take Care

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Growth

I thought Spring was well and truly here, the sunshine was wonderful, spirit lifting. I spent some time planting seeds ready for the garden, cucumbers, peas, squash, lettuce, tomatoes... Some are snuggled up asleep in the greenhouse and a tray went on the kitchen window sill.

The weather has changed drastically... the heating's back on and it's very wet and windy (gale force winds last night), but a couple of my little seeds have valiantly pushed their way through. Here we have our first cucumber

and here's a little pea shoot

I'm very proud of them, but hopefully there'll be much more. Potatoes are in the tubs outside, but everything else is protected. I don't think we'll get any snow, but lots of places have. I don't want snow... it's April... I want sunshine!!

I had an appointment in Beverley the other day, we were early... so time to pop in a craft shop and some new stamps

I'm looking forward to watercoloring this one

I managed to resist buying a lovely bag with one of these designs

This is a small one, but so cute!
I have to include this photo of my niece. She was visiting on Saturday and tucking into her Uncle Andy's yorkshire puddings... he does make gorgeous yorkshires...

Take Care