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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hull's Freedom Festival

The Freedom Festival started last night and continues until tomorrow evening, and what a marvellous festival it is, full of colour and sound, a visual and auditory treat.

Hull Daily mail
The weather was dull and the rain on and off, what a shame, but still the streets were full of people, and tomorrow's forecast is much better.

Escaping the rain, we went to keep dry in this tent...

How wonderful, it was a story telling tent. The lady below was telling a story in such a way that I just ending up sitting completely enthralled with a tent full with children and adults alike. I believe we have lost much from the art of story telling, when stories were passed from generation to generation before the printed word, this lady made the story come alive and could have quite happily spent the day just listening....

There was an outside circus called - No Fit State. Acrobats, gymnastics, jugglers...

Juggling while being pushed around.

After the amazing performance it was time to involve the audience. Imogen had a walk along the bars, each higher until you reached the tightrope.

Hula hooping and cartwheeling...

All taking place in Queens Gardens

There were plenty of places to get a nice hot chocolate or cup of tea to warm you up in the drizzle.

I was very excited to see a flash mob in the station performed by the very talented Freedom Chorus Choir.

There are pianos scattered throughout the city for the public to have a play on.

Golden firebirds flew through the city.

Bands were playing.

When it gets dark the streets will be lit up and the music will keep playing late into the night, so many musicians, some already well known artists and local ones too, comedians and small theatres. 

So if you aren't too far away, there is one day left, tomorrow, to celebrate this wonderful city and freedom.

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  1. What a brilliant festival! I love the pianos in the street and the photos capture the busy atmosphere! Wish we weren't the other side of the country (literally). Hubby did his degree in Hull and really loves the city!

  2. Replies
    1. It was amazing, already looking forward to next years xx

  3. It looks like a fabulous festival, hope you enjoyed your time there.

  4. Oh, shoot, I missed it! Didnt quite have time to get there from Missouri! How fun!

  5. What a fun time with so many talented people.

    Cindy Bee

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