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Monday, 16 January 2017

Ben Hur and Doggie Treats

We had a lovely relaxing weekend and I think we're now coming through the other side of this horrible cough/virus that has knocked us both (and I believe much of the country) sideways for the last couple of weeks. When I spoke to Adam (my lovely son) during the week, we recommended he didn't come for dinner this weekend. I do really look forward to seeing him every week and we'd cancelled last week too, but we didn't want to pass our nasty germs to him and his pregnant girlfriend.
Imogen had made plans with friends so it left just the 2 of us and we decided to settle down and watch a film together.

I'm a great fan of the 1959 Ben Hur film, I've been brought up on it (I believe it's shown on TV at least once a year if not more) and it stars the rather fabulous Charlton Heston who I always thought was rather lovely.

When I heard the film was being remade, I wasn't very enthusiastic, why fix something that isn't broken, could it be any better? Then when the film was released in the summer, the critics were not really very complimentary and I think it was a bit of a flop at the box office.

We were going to give it a miss, but it was a quiet Sunday afternoon and we wanted something to watch that wouldn't take a lot of thought. So, with no expectations we sat back with some chocolates left from Christmas and I have to say...  thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon!

I would definitely recommend it. I don't know the original story only, as I mentioned, the earlier film, but it seemed to tell it's story just as well with some of the more drawn out parts being omitted. I felt we got to know the main characters and could empathise with them. The famous chariot scenes were still there

I had no complaints about the acting and felt the overall story had a message about forgiveness that wasn't in the earlier film.

I understand that one of the reasons the film flopped was because it didn't really attract the under 25 bracket. I think that's a shame, it was full of action with a good story and even a message. It felt very different from the Heston film and I think needs to be seen as something different. When it finished, Andy and I both felt we'd just watched a good film... one to recommend!

While we kicked back and had our lazy Sunday afternoon, our 3 dogs kicked back with us enjoying a nice treat before curling up in the warm for a cosy sleep.

Are you looking at me?

Take care


  1. I saw Ben Hur when it was first released and enjoyed even though I did not like Charlton Heston. My favourite from that era was Taras Bulba, but yesterday I watched From here to eternity and was struck by how dated the language and the stilted delivery were.

  2. Charlton Heston was what I call a real man, I love films like Ben Hur. There are some good films now but they don't make them like they use to, love seeing your little doggies xx

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better! It does seem to be going around at the moment.

  4. Hi Cheryl! That's good to know (about the movie!)
    Your dogs are super sweet - such cutie pies!
    I hope you are completely over that cough VERY soon!

  5. Happy to hear you are finally on the mend, seems like a horrible virus, we have been lucky thus far. Sounds like a great film, I was always a fan of the original.

  6. I've seen the old movie years ago but have not seen the remake.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Hope your back to health soon.

  7. Glad you are in the mend. I think this time of year it's good to have afternoons to recharge. I tjinknyour beautiful dogs have got it cracked! x

  8. We watched Ben_Hur about a week ago on telly. It's a good film and young and old watched it.

  9. Hope you're finally on the mend now, it's such a horrible virus that's been doing the rounds. I don't think I've ever seen Ben Hur from start to finish, just snatched bits here and there and I haven't seen the remake, it's a shame it didn't do so well when it was released. I always love to see your lovely doggies, they're such cuties.

  10. So many of the older movies are being re-done, glad you enjoyed seeing this one.

  11. Glad to read that you're feeling better. It was definitely a bug that was reluctant to go away. Mark and I had it for ages. Jx

  12. I saw the original Ben Hur a few times but not the new one. Sounds interesting!
    Your puppies are adorable with their treats.
    Have a good week!

  13. I'm glad to hear you and your husband are feeling better.
    I hope you'll be able to have your son and his girlfriend over for dinner this weekend. I haven't seen either of the Ben Hur films but I remember my late father loved the original. x

  14. GLad you are on the mend. My husband used to love the original Ben Hur, I found it to be so taxing and drawn out. I have yet to see the remake.

  15. I have memories of sitting and watching Ben Hur with my dad, he liked a good epic. I wonder what he would have thought of the remake. Maybe I'll have to watch it for him!
    Lisa x

  16. We seem to be doing a lot of relaxing, trying to shake the virus as well. My Shug has it worse than I do. But we've both been extra tired. And you are correct, it seems everyone has it. I've never seen Ben-Hur in its entirety, but I have seen the chariot part! Somewhere in our basement is an old Ben Hur book that might have came from my Mil's stuff. It's a classic!


  17. This horrible cough/cold virus does seem to have done the rounds ... I hope you are back to 100% soon.

    Ben Hur - great film and interested to read about the re-make

    All the best Jan


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