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Sunday, 28 July 2013

I won.... chocolate, yum!

Woo hoo, there's nothing like winning a giveaway and it arriving in the post to brighten up a day. I've had to wait to show you as my camera has died, I'm quite upset. It's annoying because it still functions as a camera, but the screen seems to have blown, so with no view finder eith, I can't see what I'm photographing!


The lovely Linda at has sent me this all the way from across the pond

Emergency chocolate... we all need some of this

Isn't the pot pretty

 I've made another phone cosy, knitted instead of crochet this time. They're so quick to make, so make me feel very productive.

I've also been busy painting furniture... painting and waxing... phew

And looking after the sweetest puppies ever. They'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow and are running all over the place and playing with Pixie and the other dogs.  Imogen and her friend had a puppy photo shoot this afternoon.

This one in the dollshouse is my favourite.

 Bruce (the daddy) wasn't left out... even if perhaps would have preferred to have been!

Take care


  1. Congratulations on your win! Your crochet is pretty. I love these puppies! It's always fun to see your pups.

  2. Choccy supplies, you cant beat that for a fab giveaway can you?
    Havent the puppies grown? So cute!

  3. Have you ever had American chocolate? Let's just say the British kick American butt in the chocolate department! :) Congratulations on your win!!
    You crochet and knit? That's brilliant! And that cozy is so so cute.... and the puppies are gorgeous!! I bet they are so energetic and funny to have around!! Have a great week!

    1. I do think we make good chocolate, but Swiss chocolate is even nicer xx

  4. Adorable puppy driving! lol. I love your phone case too. Very colorful.. you are so talented! And yes, emergency chocolate is a great thing to have. Running out is just awful! :)

  5. Haha, love that last doggie photo, too cute! :) Chocolate, mmmm, always nice to have a little supply on hand. Your phone cosy is gorgeous, on my list of things to make.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  6. You have been busy Sarah with all you painting and knitting - lovely work! Your puppies are growing beautifully - what a great photo shoot by Imogen and friend!
    Lovely win but how will you pace yourself with this tasty lot - such a sweet temptation - maybe Imogen and friends can help you out eh?
    I'm sorry to hear about your camera problem and hope it gets resolved - one way or another - soon!
    A great week is wished from me to you!
    Joy xo

    1. As much as I love the name Sarah, I'm Cheryl :) Hope you have a great week too xx

  7. Well done, emergency chocolate....fab! Love those little puppies! :) x

  8. Adorable puppies, Sarah. My kids have a thing about putting sunglasses on our poor dog, Honey. She is very long suffering!

    Leanne xx

  9. Hi Cheryl, my those puppies have grown! What a wonderful give away too! chocolate heaven, me thinks...Hope you get sorted with your camera, so very frustrating, when if you are any think like me you like to snap, snap away! My OH says it is like going out with , David Bailey!!! Big summery hugs to you! Maria x

  10. Yes we all need a bit af emergency chocolate. For me it's pretty much constant to be honest. Those pups are gorgeous and growing up fast. Love your new phone cosy and your painted bits. Happy week to you xoxo

  11. Oh lovely thing to win! yummy.
    Aw those pups are too cute love the driving photo hehe x

  12. So glad you liked the Emergency Chocolates. :-) Now if you could just mail me one of those little puppies???

  13. Lots of cries of 'awwwww!' in our house at those puppy pics!xx

  14. A great prize and surely any chocolate is better than none! I too like the jar.

  15. How lovely! All that chocolate.... gorgeous pups. Your furniture looks great xx

  16. What a great gift! Emergency chocolate, I like it. The puppies are too gorgeous, they really are. x

  17. I justify my chocolate purchases by saying they're for emergencies ... the problem is I seem to have daily emergencies!

    Those pups are just so darn cute :)

  18. Emergency chocolate such a very good idea but a terrible temptation. I am not sure I'd be able to resist knowing I had a jar of emergency chocolate in my house. The jar is smashing too I would certainly put that to some use.
    The puppies are the maximum in cuteness. I particularly like the driver pup!

    Giveaway open now!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  19. Aw the puppy photography !!


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