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Monday, 12 March 2012

Needles and yarn

For Christmas Imo had a tablet pc, we looked around for a nice cover but saw nothing that appealed to her. So... time to do some sewing, a little patchwork quilted bag. We chose some pretty fabric pieces

I love these pretty pink blossoms and have gone back to buy them in blues as well.  It was an evening job after Imo went to bed and didn't take too long on the sewing machine. I wanted it to be quilted to give the tablet some protection.

It's lined inside with the small blossom pattern too. We do have a nice big 'I' cut from felt that Imo would like stitched on one side as well, and perhaps a strap... At least her tablet is safer now!

Thought I'd do an update on my Granny Stripe blanket. Wow... it's getting so big, it hangs down both sides of out kingsize bed, so nice and wide. I'm starting to flag a bit now, but really want to finish it... I think I can see the end... I think! Anways... here it is, I'm sitting on the sofa holding it up in the air and it's draped down the sides...

Take care

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  1. Hi, Thanks for following my blog - I'm looking forward to hearing all your news :) I love those fabrics and your blanket is amazing! And that gorgeous little puppy - so sweet. Maggie xx


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