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Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Day Out

The weather here is so beautiful, the sky has been cloudless and the sun shining. I saw a satellite photo yesterday on the news of the UK and it was so clear, no cloud cover at all - wow! All this gorgeous weather can be so spirit lifting, so it seemed right to go out and enjoy it.

I love Yorkshire, and I'm so lucky that Andy (as a born and bred Yorkshireman) is able to take me to such beautiful places. We ventured up into North Yorkshire this afternoon (after waiting to get past the queues of people panicking over petrol strikes that haven't been organised yet - there will be 7 days notice, so not sure why some people are queuing for 45 minutes right now!!) and I was shown the site of the oldest recorded village in Great Britain. How amazing! Unfortunately I couldn't get down to see the house outlines as it was too steep for me and my chair, but I still felt privileged to be so close and see the maps - what a special piece of history.

It turned into a bit of a mad spending day, my boy's birthday is on Sunday, and Imogen's at the end of the month. 14 years apart, but both in April :) and we were so near York... what else could I do!

Oh, and here's a funny photo. We were waiting at the traffic lights and saw this... it wasn't a bike shop!

Take Care

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  1. What kind of store was it exactly to have bikes on the building?
    Our weather has been the 80's, everything has been blooming at least two months ahead of time and tonight we might get a frost. I hope not, the fruit trees are even in bloom.

    Cindy Bee


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