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Monday, 31 August 2015

Rainy Days and Caterpillars

Oh my goodness, I don't think it's stopped raining all day. It hasn't been the best August weather wise, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of sunshine as it draws to a close.

 Absolutely teeming down as you can see in the photo above. Not a day for venturing out, more of a curl up with some magazines or a good book kind of day. Perhaps time to open my new notebook and fill it with my plans, wishes, hopes and dreams...

I really didn't think I could justify buying a new notebook (I love stationery), but look how beautiful it is, the embroidered birds and flowers, almost too good to open and start writing in!

A new notebook should surely have a new pen too. See the owls, so cute.

 Maybe one of the things I write in my notebook could be some plans for the garden next year after our disaster this summer. We planted some Sprouts and Broccoli in our raised bed

 We just forgot the hordes of butterflies who would visit us

Next year... netting, lots of netting

I think there're so many caterpillars that they may run out of leaf to eat!

Take care


  1. I love butterflies, but oh my, that's a lot of caterpillars! Your poor garden. The notebook is so pretty.

  2. Oh I love your new note book, so pretty.I feel your pain with your brassicas I lost every last cabbage last year the butterflys even got through the netting : (

  3. What a lovely notebook and pen. So pretty.
    Oh my goodness your poor garden! I hope next years garden is better for you.

  4. A beautiful notebook. Yes it hasn't been a great's hoping for a warm sunny September.

  5. Oh your poor cabbages. We had loads of caterpillars but on the nettles. Wasps seem to like caterpillars......... Love your not-book
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh goodness, they are enjoying a feast! That happened to us once with a bed of nasturtiums ... overnight!

  7. What a shame for your poor veggies - it can be so disheartening too, can't it? The rabbits used to eat all ours until we got wise to them! Sounds silly - but the lacy effect left by the caterpillars chewing the leaves looks quite pretty in a way!
    A beautiful notebook, too - did you make it yourself?
    Have a lovely, sunnier (hopefully!) week!

  8. Oh my goodness! Netting is definitely the way to go next year, those pesky caterpillars haven't left you a morsel. I'm a stationery junkie too, I just love your beautiful notebook, so pretty, and the pen too.

  9. love your notebook, you so are right about the rain, it feels like it's rained for week's now! Oh your poor veggies, the slugs and snails will be having a feast as well in this weather!

  10. Gorgeous notebook and pen! Always lovely to start some new stationery isn't it. Those caterpillars have had a field day on the cabbages! xx

  11. They really did have a feast didn't they.... I do like your little notebook I thought it was a picture you had made at first until I read further along. Lots of gardeny things could be written in there.

  12. Oo, I have a bit of a thing for stationery too, I'm keeping it tightly under control at present! Love your new notebook and pen. Oh my goodness, those caterpillars have had a field day haven't they? There must be some lovely butterflies in your garden.
    Caz xx

  13. You can never have enough note books, lol I'm the same, can't resist a pretty notebook, love the cute pen too :-)

    Wow the caterpillars had a real feast on you veggies! My summer planting didn't do very well this time, i've already replaced them with Autumn/Winter plants, lets hope we have a drier Autumn. x

  14. Love your notebook and pen. I love stationery. I thought July was wet but August was even worse. I don't know if I've ever seen heavier rain than what we've had recently.

  15. I love the challenge of a blank notebook. And this one is seriously pretty.

  16. Caterpillars have ravaged my cabbages and broccoli too. Love the notebook.

  17. Eeep! That's exactly what happened to my brassica crop last year and netting is definitely on my shopping list for my next crop!


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