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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Giveaway Goodies!

What a lucky girl am I! Sitting in bed this morning having a nice cup of tea when the postman knocks.
Thank you Amanda so much... my wonderful goodies from Amanda's gorgeous giveaway at Crafty in the Med... all the way from sunny Spain, how lucky am I!!!

I couldn't wait to open my parcel, and inside everything was individually wrapped with such care, little paper bags tied with pretty thread with sequin flowers on it, flowers, buttons and even a badge :) So exciting, a definite woo hoo moment as I sat and said ooh look at this, wow it's so pretty, even the postcard was so lovely!

Where to start! I think a photo would be best because there's just so much there!

The fan was wrapped closed with ribbon, I think I'd like to display it somewhere to show it off. After a lil giggle over the name, Imogen is hoping to tuck into a farton, the dish is gorgeous, really pretty and I think I'd like to keep it on my craft desk with some pretty beads in. Amanda's cushion cover can only be described as stunning, and is certainly not done justice by the photo, it really is quite beautiful and I shall selfishly not be sharing it. I am planning to have it in my chair in the conservatory when it's ready, and will post a much better photo then.

The vintage doily is so delicate and pretty, I think I have the perfect place for it, and thank you Amanda for the cotton and hook so I can try some delicate work of my own.

There is so much, what an amazing giveaway, I haven't mentioned so many things!

Feeling very spoilt... off to have a proper look at all my new goodies.

Take care


  1. Looks a little like an early Christmas!

  2. Fantastic...glad everything got to you in one piece!
    As for the Fart-on I always get giggles about the name when I take packs home to the Uk for the family particularly from my brother-in-law. Mind you there's no jokes when it comes to eating them he eats the lot at one sitting if allowed. I think that vintage doily must be about 40 or 50 years old.


    Amamda :-)

  3. I love bloggy giveaways - it's so nice when a little parcel of goodies turns up from somewhere miles away. Looks like you received some lovely things there.

  4. What a great pressie! Thanks for visiting me! Looks like you have been very busy with the renovations, I look forward to the finished results! Ada :)

  5. Hi Cheryl, thanks for passing by my wee blog, it's nice to meet you. I will pop back in a day or so to have a proper read of your lovely blog - Yvonne xx


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