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Thursday, 9 August 2012

An Escape to the Beach

We now have french windows in the dining room ready to lead out into the conservatory, woo hoo, it's been so nice in the evening to have them open and feel the nice cool draft coming through.. love it... wish we'd done it before.

The footings have been dug

It was all fun and games getting 4 small dogs from the house into the garden. Andy blocked up the side where the fence has been taken down and placed a couple of boards over the concrete to protect their little feet, of course it goes without saying that when dry the cement was covered in lots of little doggie prints (I'm sure I saw them signing their names).

Anyway, the house is a mess, there's brick dust everywhere and I thought we could do with some family time away from it all (otherwise more jobs end up being done) and enjoy the sunshine. We bundled Imogen into the car and off we went to Hornsea. It wasn't too busy so we found a spot to enjoy some glorious fresh sea air.

Andy dug out the beach wind tent and put it up so I could sit and do some crochet while Imogen built sandcastles and paddled in the sea.

Just above the prom where we were sitting was a small paddling pool for children, very handy for rinsing sandy feet too! Imogen had a small play before we went off to have fish and chips before coming home.

Quality time :)

Take care


  1. Yes and now that the cement is dry the dogs are using the makeshift bridge to get across it....typical!!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished conservatory Cheryl, and hope you have a lovely sunny weekend!

    Love Claire xx

  3. I agree with thriftwood, eager to see the finished product. I bet it will be your favorite room!

  4. Thank you ladies, hopefully a week or so to go!


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