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Monday, 16 July 2012

Spongebob's Baking

Spongebob being my Imogen who changed into her Spongebob pyjamas after school (it poured with rain on the way home, as it has most of the day).

Andy picked some rhubarb at the allotment yesterday, he claimed not to like it since having it as a child. Knowing how he likes his tart and sour things (this is a man who will happily eat through a lemon, pith included), I was sure that it was worth trying again. I had seen a very yummy looking rhubarb and apple cake crumble on Kate's blog Granny taught me to crochet - thank you Kate, it's turned out lovely.

Making the cake mixture, and looking forward to scraping the bowl...

Yum, lots of fresh rhubarb and apple with a sprinkling of sugar.

Next was the crumble topping. Imogen is very good at making a fine crumble...

Concentrating, making sure it's all crumbled up.

Looking very nice and all ready to be popped into the oven.

We know you're baking...  Honey and Bruce watching every movement, waiting for even a miniscule crumb to fall...

All ready with some clotted cream. And yes... Andy has decided rhubarb is quite tasty after all - thanks Kate!

Just need to finish off with this picture of wee Gary feeling very tired and hiding under a cushion trying to catch some zeds

Ooh, the camera's out, please take a picture of me too!

Take care


  1. Well hello Cheryl, absolutely gorgeous profile photo of you. :) Thanks for stopping my blog and becoming a follower. Looking forward to catching up on your blog.
    Anne xx

  2. This looks delicious and I need to try it! I don't think it was my Mom's favorite thing, so it was never served at our house when I was a kid.

  3. Pretty gorg isn't it!!!!

    Glad you liked it ... I wish I'd had it with icecream now though looking at yours!

    xxxx Kate xxxx


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