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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Apples anyone?

We have too many fruit bowls! I really like the one in the living room, but it doesn't really get used. So rather than it sit there empty I decided to make some permanent fruit for it so it won't look so lonely! I found a lovely and very simple little free knitting pattern here to make some tasty apples.

Some small scraps of wool and some buttons to make 3 plump apples. I do think we need something else though, maybe a couple of pears? Anyone know any simple knit or crochet patterns for fruit?

Take care


  1. just your apples!!
    have a nice week,

  2. They're lovely! I think if you put in free fruit knitting patterns into Google some will hopefully appear! Maggie xx

  3. That is a lovely idea. I hope you find some more patterns. I'm just getting back into crochet at the moment, after a 30 year gap!


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